Chapter 6

After hearing from what Ruan Tian had said, Hu Shi was silently thinking.

When Ruan Baitang came back that night, she quietly discussed with her husband.

“When Ruan Xiaotian heard me ask what is he going to do with the child, his expression was very down and gloomy. I think he definitely wants to keep the child. He is our favorite since he was a child. How could he take good care of the child when he can’t take care of himself. With Ruan Xiaotian’s character can’t Qin Li understand? What else could be the truth that night, Qin Li is a restrained person but why did he lose control that night?”

“Ruan Xiaotian was a simple and kind person, he said not to tell Qin Li because he was afraid that he would be a burden and that he could not interfere Qin Li’s future. But I think this matter, Qin Li has the right to know and must held accountable. Ruan Xiaotian is such a beautiful and lovely child, whoever dares to bully him is like picking a fight on a baby. What do you say?”

Ruan Baitang sighed while watering the flowers on the balcony,

“I’m willing to raise Ruan Xiaotian for the rest of my life, however if he can’t raise it(child) then let Qin Li know. I only hope that he can live a safe, happy and carefree life.”

“Isn’t it, but Ruan Xiaotian has a child and the child needs to be raised by its parents—by the way didn’t you say that Ruan Xiaotian is a boy? How could he get pregnant?”

“I haven’t figured it out yet, there is no precedent for this kind of thing in our country or in abroad, and it stands to reason that it is completely impossible, but Ruan Xiaotian does have an organ in his body that resembles uterus allowing fetus to develop.”

“Then… what about when the child is born?”

“It’s impossible to have natural birth, we can only do C-section.”

Ruan Baitang said in a wary smile,

“I thought Ruan Xiaotian could bring a daughter-in-law, why did he get pregnant instead? If it was someone else I definitely would not accept it but Ruan Xiaotian…he needs to be happy.”

Hu Shi pulled Ruan Baitang sleeves, look around and asked him quietly,

“Lao* Ruan, do you think Ruan Xiaotian might be an alien?”

(TL: *old)

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you think Ruan Xiaotian looks is too beautiful? I raised him and didn’t think at that time, but was worried that he might be abducted because of his beauty. Also he just suddenly appeared outside of our house, we checked the surveillance many time but didn’t find him entering the community. He was five or six old at that time, how could he climbed from such a high wall?”

“Indeed it is strange, but of course it is also possible that he got in from another place, surveillance is not everywhere”

Ruan Baitang also recalled what Hu Shi said,

“Guess he could be an alien, but I guess it is better to call him savior. If he hadn’t appeared back then our family would not have lived now.”

When Ruan Tian appeared Ruan Baitang and Hu Shi were going to pick up his mother at their hometown, passing a section of highway on the way.

Their original schedule was delayed due to Ruan Tian, but after watching the news, they discovered that there was a collision on that highway that day. A tanker truck caused a big explosion causing hundreds of death and injuries, the bodies carried out from behind were all burned to black and the scene was terrible.

After the news broke Ruan Baitang and Hu Shi sighed repeatedly, and they also pampered the Ruan Xiaotian as their own son, giving the stars and moon for him.

Of course Ruan Xiaotian’s beauty and cute face is also one of his irresistible magic weapon that could win people.

Who can say no to such a cute person when he’s asking for request!

“Then what do you say?”

“Let them know. In any case we can’t let Ruan Xiaotian be wronged.” Ruan Baitang said seriously.

“We will observe Qin Li first, if he dares to hurt Ruan Tian or treat him badly we will not allow him to take Ruan Xiaotian away.”

Hu Shi agrees, “Of course, is the baby we dote on can be bullied by others? That is to say it’s Qin Li, I am still relieved if it was someone else—don’t tell Ruan Xiaotian I’ll tell him myself.”

“Ok. We watched Qin Li grow up, the kid was kind by nature and he was also good to Ruan Xiaotian.”

When there were done talking, they immediately called Sun Chenqian behind Ruan Tian’s back.

Ruan Tian didn’t want to disturbed Qin Li but his parents could not make Ruan Tiang be wronged.

When Sun Chenqiang received the call from Hu Shi she was sitting on the table with Qin Mu and Qin Li and just started eating.

She gave Qin Mu some dished that he loved and ask Qin Li to drink more chicken soup, which was specially boiled for him not only to replenish his body but also his spirits.

He has been busy with several major projects on the company recently and feels that he lost too much weight.

She answered the phone and did not excuse herself with Qin Mu or Qin Li, answering with a smile,

“Hello Xiao Shi.”

Qin Li was originally thinking about Ruan Tian when he suddenly heard the name and instant;y turned his head to look at his mother.

How could Sun Chenqian fail to understand Qin Li’s thoughts, since his return from the hospital his son has never thought about food, she could say a few words but was completely ignored after.

 In the end he was thinking about Ruan Xiaotian’s condition.

Sun Chenqian asked about this topic immediately and Qin Lin’s ears were erected even higher.

Upon seeing this, Sun Chenqian ‘hushed’ and signaled to keep the dining table quiet and then turned on the phone to speaker so that Qin Li could hear the information about Ruan Xiaotian’s condition.

After turning on the speaker, Hu Shi voice came out clearly.

“Ruan Xiaotian is okay but there is some problems, I think I have to tell you. We have known each other for so many years, we’re like sisters and there is nothing to hide. This incident is related to Ruan Xiaotian’s condition. I accompanied him today to the hospital to ask Ruan Baitang to examine him. It turned out… that Ruan Xiaotian is pregnant and it has been two months.”

She breathe and continued,

“I know this is absurd, my husband and I were also puzzled but Ruan Xiaotian is our son. What else can we do for him besides accepting it. I told you about this because Ruan Xiaotian admitted that he had a relationship with Qin Li. Do you remember that night that we couldn’t contact them both on the night of their classmates gathering? Ruan Xiaotian said that they were drunk that night and accident happens after another. Alas my head is also quite messy so I called to discuss with you. See what we could do with this matter.”

“By the way, Ruan Xiaotian is afraid that Qin Li will be burdened and even more afraid of delaying to he doesn’t want Qin Li to know. Don’t tell him for the time being and wait until we can come up with a solution.” Hu Shi added.

Sun Chenqian was stunned the whole time, she stared dumbly at the phone with the speaker still on unable to respond for a while.

Qin Mu’s expression was no better that her.

Only Qin Li’s expression was shocked and mixed with confusion but he was certainly happy and excited.



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