Chapter 1

In corner of a private room there are two entangled figures dancing with the dim lights, the deafening music.

Xue Jiayue felt dizzily, someone was holding a glass next to her mouth trying to feed her with something, her ears were filled with all kinds of noise and howling, her head was also so painful that it was about to split.

The man behind her held Xue Jiayue’s shoulder with one hand while the other hand fed a glass of red liquid to Jiayue’s mouth.

Su Ziqiao’s voice was soft enough to drip water said,

“Yueyue, you drink this wine then I can make you fly in the sky with happiness…”

This situation is too bizarre, Xue Jiayue looked at the person in front of him in daze.

Is this a KTV room? Who is this man in front of me? And what is that liquid? That drinking it will make people fly to the sky…..

Alarm bells rang in Xue Jiayue’s mind, she pushed away the hand that was in front of her and immediately slapped the man’s face with her her hand and snarled at Su Ziqiao in disgust.

“Go away!”

The wine glass on Su Ziqio’s hand was pushed aside, the liquid was spilled all over him leaving a stain on his newly bought clothes which made him very angry. Xue Jiayue slapped his left cheek again, this time the slap was not light—it hurts.

In front of Xue Jiayu, Su Ziqiao had always masked his temper very well but the moment when Xue Jiayue slapped him, Su Ziqiao’s face immediately flashed with irritation.

He licked the inside of his beaten cheeks with the tip of his tongue and wanted to slap Xue Jiayue so that she could remember the consequences of hitting him.

But he remembered his goal of approaching Xue Jiayue and the tasks that he needs to complete so he tried his best to suppress his anger and continued to coax Xue Jiayue with a gentle manner.

“Yueyue what’s wrong with you? Didn’t we have a good time just now? Didn’t you say that you can’t stand your cold husband anymore? And that we will go to a hotel after we finished drinking?”

Go to a hotel?

Xue Jiayue understoof the meaning of those words, she frowned and cursed in her heart,

Go to a hotel!! Ha! She has been single for 22 years and hasn’t even have a boyfriend. She doesn’t know where this molester came from and he even wants to take advantage of her—see if she doesn’t kill him!

In order to defend herself, Xue Jiayue picked up her bag and smashed it on Su Ziqiao’s head, she then kicked him in between his legs.

Xue Jiayue’s action were quick, ruthless and accurate, Su Ziqiao was completely unprepared and was unable to defend himself.

He could only scream, Su Ziqiao hugged his lower body and knelt down on the carpet in pain.

Taking this oppurtuniyt Xue Jiayue grabbed her bag again and ran out of the private room.

Outside the room is a corridor connecting to other private rooms, the lights are a bit dim and the sound of howling music could be heard next room from time to time.

Xue Jiayue didn’t know which way to go and was afraid that Su Ziqiao would chase after her so she hurriedly chose the left corridor and ran.

Just around the corner was the bathroom, two girls walked in with a smile and a woman with a heavy makeup came out on high heels.

That Su Ziqiao wouldn’t dare to enter a women’s bathroom even if he came after her, Xue Jiayue thought, she went into the bathroom, found an empty cubicle and pushed the door open then turned and closed it.

Xue Jiayue sat down on the toilet, raised her hand and wipe the sweat on her forehead then slowly calmed down and thought about what was going on.

She clearly remembered that she was on the way home from getting off work, when she passed the the traffic light and out of control a car suddenly rushed over and ran into her, as soon as she hit she fell on the ground and fainted—just how did she suddenly arrived to a KTV after waking up and was molested by a man at that?

While she was thinking about what was going on, a load of memories that did not belong to her pops up—those memories were the same as the one she read last night. The story of “The President’s Wife is so Addicting” is exactly the same.

It took a long time for Xue Jiayue to understand that she was killed by a car and then her soul was transmigrated to a book and it was “President’s Wife is so Addicting” at that.

But her luck was not good enough, she wasn’t transmigrated as Han Mengxue the beloved heroine in the story but instead she was the vicious female cannon fodder, Xue Jiayue the ex-wife of the male lead Xu Yanwe.

In the original story when the female cannon fodder Xue Jiayue lost her parents she was six years old at that time, she was then taken by to live in the Xu family, who received her with love.

Xue Jiayue grew up with Xu Yanwen the eldest grandson of the Xu family and called him her Gege*.

(TL: older brother)

Grandpa Xu has always remembered the agreement with grandpa Xue Jaiyue that he wanted to Xu Yanwen to take Xue Jiayue as his wife after she graduated from university.

This request was naturally opposed by Xu Yanwen, in his heart he always regarded Xue Jiayue was his younger sister and only had a family affection but no love for her and of course he did not want to marry her.

However Xue Jiayue loves Xue Yanwen, seeing his objection she pretended to agree with Xu Yanwen’s opinion but she turned her back against him and put medicine on Xu Yanwen’s wine and pretended to sleep with Xu Yanwen and was accidentally seen by grandpa Xu.

With this, Xu Yanwen could only marry Xue Jiayue.

After marriage Xu Yanwen still treated Xue Jiayue as his younger sister and was sleeping on separate rooms. Xue Jiayue tried many ways to seduce Xu Yanwen but failed, making herself angry and annoyed.

After failing to seduce Xu Yanwen, she complained angrily to her best friend Zhang Renyan.

“Xu Yanwen is so cold, he’s not a man at all!”

Zhang Renyan grin and rolled her eyes, she half-joking and half-serious told Xue Jiayue,

“Then how about I introduce you a superb man, the thick and big one, do you want too?”

Xue Jiayue was already drank, feeling angry she agreed with Zhang Renyan,

“Okay, introduce me, who is afraid of whom!”

Zhang Renyan then introduced Su Ziqiao to Xue Jiayue and suggested to have a drink together before going to a hotel.

Of course, in the original book, Xue Jiayue did got to a hotel with Su Ziqiao and left a lot of unsightly evidence which resulted to a series of consequences.



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