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Chapter 46

Fu Zhen was anxious trying to run but behind him was cold and hard wall, he had no room to retreat.

Try it once, just try it once.

Fu Zhen secretly encourage and told himself that Jiang Hengshu was about to leave anyway whether he told him or not they might not have the chance to meet again in the future. He had already missed Jiang Hengshu that night.

It was god who asked them to meet again, he mustn’t let the opportunity slips this time.

Fu Zhen moved his lips and finally opened his mouth, what he wanted to tell Jiang Hengshu the first time he saw him. He looked at Jiang Hengshu’s eyes hoping to see through his inner thoughts.

However, he couldn’t tell.

“I… I like you.”

Fu Zhen finally said these three words and after speaking he lowered his head not daring to look at Jiang Hengshu’s expression again.

Two people fell into silence at the same time, Fu Zhen felt a little sorry and hoped his words would not bother Jiang Hengshu.

If Fu Zhen raised his head at this time he would see the tenderness in Jiang Hengshu’s eyes that was almost overflowing. Under the white light, his sharp facial features became gentle, full of compassion and love.

“Get some rest early.”

Jiang Hengshu raised his hand and rubbed Fu Zhen’s head.

Fu Zhen thought the he was rejected by Jiang Hengshu—he was indeed a gentle person. Even if he rejected him, he didn’t refuse him on his face. Fu Zhen’s nose was a bit sore but there was nothing to cry, he exhaled and said to Jiang Hengshu,

“I’m sorry.. tonight just—”

Jiang Hengshu interrupted Fu Zhen,



Fu Zhen was blank for a while.

Jiang Hengshu gently leaned over, his lips brushed over Fu Zhen’s pink ears his voice was low and hoarse as if the spring breeze carrying the fragrance of flowers, blowing Fu Zhen’s ears. He heard him say,

“I like you too.”

It seemed as if a bunched of fireworks exploded in Fu Zhen’s head—a thousand fire works exploded and fell. Fu Zhen didn’t know what to do he just stared at Jiang Hengshu in daze, only feeling that what was happening before him seems like a dream.

There was bush behind Jiang Hengshu’s ears but when he looked at him he still looked calm and composed.

“Good night”

Jiang Hengshu’s finger stroked the hair around Fu Zhen’s temples.

Fu Zhen still felt like he was in a dream at this moment, he raised his head and looked at Jiang Hengshu for a long time, blinking like a child begging for candy and asked Jiang Hengshu,

“Can you give me a kiss?”

Jiang Hengshu smiled slightly then lowered his head and pressed his lips on Fu Zhen’s forehead.

“Okay, go to bed early and have a good dream.”

Even after Jiang Hengshu left Fu Zhen was in still in daze he returned his bed after washing, he looking at the ceiling above his head, he raised his right hand and gently placed in into his forehead where Jiang Hengshu had kissed.

The light in the room had been extinguished and it was plunged into darkness but Fu Zhen’s eyes were bright and the whole person seemed to be stuck in a ball. It was late at night but he was not sleepy.

Fu Zhen is not the only one who can’t sleep, Jiang Hengshu in the next room can’t fall asleep either. He always looked calm and gentle in front of Fu Zhen and now he shows a slightly different mood when he is alone in the room.

There was a warm yellow table lamp in the head of the bed, he was sitting on it leaning on the pillow behind him and his cold facial features softened a lot under the light, with a slight smile in the corners of his eyes. After thinking about it, Jiang Hengshu took his phone and called Wang Tong.

Wang Tong was sleeping when he was woken up by Jiang Hengshu’s call.

“Boss, what’s the matter? Do you know what time is it?”

“Have time to come out for a meal.”

“What are we doing?” Wang Tong yawned.

“I’ll introduce you to your future sister-in-law.”


Wang Tong who couldn’t open his eyes completely because of sleepiness, jumped out of the bed and sat up,

“Boss are you sleepwalking right now?”


“Then am I sleepwalking right now?” Wang Tong said to himself.

“Will you come or not? Hang up if you don’t.”

Wang Tong still felt that this incident was a bit unbelievable and asked Jiang Hengshu to reaffirm,

“Boss you really found a lover!”

 Jiang Hengshu gave a hmm very briefly but he could hear the joy in his voice and Wang Tong rarely heard him speak in this tone.

“Are you free these few days? I’ll find time to introduce you.”

Wang Tong responded,

“I’m free, very free.”

After hanging up the phone Jiang Hengshu’s blue eyes flashed a little smile, he opened his phone again and after selecting from his phonebook he then called a few close friends.

“If you have time to eat out, let me introduce my lover.”




TL: we have a bragging boyfriend here (〇*>∀<)ゞ★☆

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    1. ML still doesn’t know that the guy that night is the MC. he just realized that his feeling for that guy that night was not as strong as he have for the MC.

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