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Chapter 45

Jiang Hengshu hummed,

“Happy New Year” and said nothing else.

Fu Zhen felt that Jiang Hengshu had become annoying, ever since he put on Jiang Hengshu’s trench coat he had imagined that something might happen to them tonight, but unfortunately there was nothing.

The two people walked into the living room of the rental house in silence, all other tenants where already back to their respective rooms to rest. The living room was dark with only a little white moonlight shining on through the transparent glass window and falling in the center of the living room.

On the coffee table, their rooms are adjacent and they are about to be separated.

The actions of Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu were almost the same, they stopped at the door of the room at the same time, took out the key and at the same time raised their hand to insert the key into the keyhole.

“Jiang Hengshu.”

But Fu Zhen stopped and turned around to stop Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu faced Fu Zhen and asked,

“What’s the matter?”

With the faint moonlight, Fu Zhen could see Jiang Hengshu’s calm face and suddenly he couldn’t speak. What would he ask Jiang Hengshu? Ask him if he like him (Fu Zhen)?

And then?

If Jiang Hengshu denied it, what would he do?

Fu Zhen hesitated again, he was no longer the confident and self-willed young master.

Perhaps Fu Zhen’s appearance at this time was too dejected or perhaps Jiang Hengshu also wanted to do something.

Jiang Hengshu held the key in his palm and walked slowly to Fu Zhen, he lowered his voice and asked Fu Zhen in his ears,

“What do you want to say?”

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Jiang Hengshu’s breath fell on Fu Zhen’s face, and immediately blushed, the moonlight fell behind Jiang Hengshu hiding Fu Zhen’s face in the dark, not seeing him clearly.

But in the dark he had an illusion that Jiang Hengshu had completely seen him through, and knew all his thoughts. Fu Zhen wanted to open his lips but didn’t know how to speak to Jiang Hengshu.

The distance between the two people was very close, Jiang Hengshu’s temperature surrounded him, as if he was being embrace by Jiang Hengshu himself. Fu Zhen clenched his fist with both hands hoping to give himself a little courage.

As result without waiting for him to speak there was a squeak and the door next room was pushed opened inside. Fu Zhen was startled.

The other side held up and yawned, as soon as he look up he saw Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu crowding in front of the door, and asked,

“Why are you still up in the middle of the night?”

“No.. nothing.” Fu Zhen whispered.

The man shook his head and whispered something before walking towards the bathroom.

Jiang Hengshu was silent for a while and said to Fu Zhen,

“Let’s go to your room and talk.”

Fu Zhen hurriedly took out the key, turned around and inserted the key, he opened the door of his room and turned on the light, Jiang Hengshu followed him.

Fu Zhen’s room was really too small, two adult men stayed in it look like two trapped beast in a cage with almost no room to move.

“Sit down, wherever you like.”

 Fu Zhen felt a little embarrassed after saying this there seemed to be no other place to sit in his room except the bed.

Jiang Hengshu sat down on the bed.


They were disturbed by the person just now, what Fu Zhen wanted to say back then went to his stomach along with his throat.

He did not have the courage to bring them up again for the time being, he turned around, picked up Jiang Hengshu’s computer and handed it to him,

“My computer has been repaired. I’ll returned back your computer, and thank you so much for yesterday.”

Jiang Hengshu glance and didn’t reach out his hand but answered instead,

“I don’t use it. You can use it first.”

“But….” Fu Zhen pursed his lips.

“…Are you going home?”

Jiang Hengshu raised his head and stared at Fu Zhen after a while he replied,

“In a few days.”

As for the exact number of days, Jiang Hengshu hasn’t decided yet.

Fu Zhen lowered his head, he knew that Jiang Hengshu would leave one day. He came to work on the construction site for other purpose, he put the computer on Jiang Hengshu’s lap and said,

“I will buy a new computer.”

Jiang Hengshu lowered his eyes and glance at this thigh and then place it on Fu Zhen’s bed casually, he stood up and walked towards Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen leaned back against the cold wall and looked down at his feet, after a while a huge shadow enveloped him and Jiang Hengshu stood in front of him.

Fu Zhen raised his head and looked at him, under the blurry light he could see Jiang Hengshu’s stubble, the high nose bridge and the deep blue eyes that were as deep as the sea with his own shadow inside.

Jiang Hengshu’s lips move slightly, he moved closer to Fu Zhen, their bodies were almost close to each other, and he asked again,

“When we were outside the room, what did you want to tell me?”




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