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Chapter 5

“You just met Qin Li and behaved very weirdly, your eyes keeps on dodging and dare not to look at him. Don’t deny it you already cocked your tail and bluffed at him”

“And didn’t you attend a class reunion two months ago, Qin Li was there right? You didn’t went home that night, and when I called you it was Qin Lin who picked up the call. I also ask Qian Qian, she said Qin Li didn’t also went home that night, he was not in his villa either, he won’t answer his phone when Qian Qian called.”

Hu Shu is right, and everything she had said from start to finish are correct, Ruan Tian has no room for rebuttal.

“Quickly confess, is it Qin Li’s child? If you’re a man you won’t dare to deny it.”

Ruan Tian’s eyes went round, his expression instantly change into the face of an abandoned woman, even more wronged that Dou E*.

(TL: *a child bride turned widow, who is wrongly convicted of crimes by corrupt court officials for action perpetrated be a rejected suitor)

“Mom, you are so smart, even smarter than Sherlock Holmes. I won’t lie to you, it was indeed that night when I was drunk with Qin Li.. he bullied me…mom, Qin Li was too much. He always bullied me. I was going to confess to Deng Ru that day but she was upset by him…”

“What Qin Li, I told you to call him ‘big brother’!”

Hu Shi had long face and gave Ruan Tian some scolding,

“Qin Li loves you the most, how can you say such things? You must have provoke him. You… how can I explain this to Qian Qian when something like this happened? Can you save me some worry?’

She continued,

“I saw something is wrong with you, every time you saw Qin Li you would look at him like he’s your enemy. You hated him because you love him, right? Say, do you have some crush with Qin Li? Are you taking advantage him of while his drunk?”

Ruan Tian lay down on the sofa softly, put his legs on the edge of the sofa and pulled out Tiramisu hiding under the it, squinting his eyes and started petting it’s hair comfortably.

“Xiao Misu* please say something. Did my mother hit her head badly? Just meow once.”

(TL: endearment for the cat Tiramisu)


Tiramisu screamed in horror and was frightened by Ruan Tian’s movement of petting it’s hair, it may lost another batch of fur.

Hu Shi doesn’t know if she would laugh or cry, it won’t make any sense to investigate right or wrong with Ruan Tian. She just went and save Tiramisu from Ruan Tian’s arms instead.

“You are on a delicate period now, you can’t touch cats and dogs for the time being.”

Hu Shi was surprise when he let go of Misu.

Ruan Tian has always liked cats, he would go and feed them and let them sleep next to him, he also often brushed their furs until it smoothen (or bald).

All of the cats and dogs in the house were almost bald by him.

Because of this she had long wanted to stop Ruan Tian from touching the cats or dogs, and now she can finally find a suitable excuse.

Ruan Tian expression was full of gloom,

“No, I’ll die if I don’t touch a cat in one day.”

“Pei, pei, pei, don’t say such ominous things.”

Hu Shi looked helplessly at his heartless son and sighed,

“What are you going to do about that? Do you want to talk with Qin Li? He is very reliable and will definitely be responsible, but he still has to…”

Hu Shi did not finished the rest of her sentence.

Ruan Tian held his chin with both hands in a gloomy manner and then extended his finger to poke his soft belly.

If he gave birth to a little civet, would he scare his parents and Qin Li to death?

His clan has never intermarried with humans, let alone bred heirs as his male cat. It is good to give birth to a small civet or a human, but what will he do if he give birth to half human or half civet instead.

A human baby with a civet’s head, or a small civet and baby’s head appeared in Ruan Tian’s head.

It feels as if he have passed through a terrifying and spooky set instantly.

Hu Shi saw that Ruan Tian was very listless and thought he was depressed and sad, so she rubbed Ruan Tian soft and smooth hair to comfort him.

“After all, it’s a new life. It’s fate that he can be with you, so let’s keep him. You need to tell Qin Li about this, you can’t hide such a big thing from him.”

Ruan Tian shook his head hurriedly, he had no cat to pet so he can only bite his finger sadly,

“I can’t tell Qin Li, that night with him was just an accident and he can’t be burdened by it. He will get married and have children in the future, how can I interfere?”

He knows that his mother was bias towards Qin Li, and wittily change his words into an excuse for Qin Li’s sake, so that his mother would not be able to pick out the thorn.

Ah I’m so witty!

Ruan Tian silently applauded himself as a reward.

He just don’t want Qin Li to know about this, he was embarrassed enough in front of Qin Li.

Just now he claimed that he could not fight a duel and was too drunk and got bullied by Qin Li for a night, and became pregnant with his child.

In any case, it was Ruan Tian that was defeated.

He didn’t want Qin Li to watch his jokes and add salt to his wound.

As for the baby on in his belly, he has to think about it again, as long as it doesn’t grow into a monster with a civet’s head—it’s fun to give birth to a kitten.





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