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Chapter 43

Christmas has just passed and the traces that was left behind have not been completely removed, the streets are still covered with small lights, santas’s stickers are glued on the yellow glass windows and many citizens gather in the large square in front of the mall watching a grand performance.

The barbeque restaurant that Fu Zhen chosen was not too far from the rental house, the taxi cost was less than 20 yuan. The barbeque restaurant was full of people, Fu Zhen and the other customers waited for nearly half an hour to find a place and sit down.

Fu Zhen sat down opposite Jiang Hengshu, opposite to them was a cinema hall, looking through the transparent glass window, Fu Zhen saw a gay couple walking towards the cinema holding each other’s hands. They were too far, and the sky was dim even if there were street lights Fu Zhen still couldn’t see them clearly but he knew that the two of them should have smiles plastered on their faces.

Jiang Hengshu found that Fu Zhen was staring at the window in daze, he asked him,

“What are you looking at?”

Fu Zhen blinked, retracted his gaze, shook his head and smiled at Jiang Hengshu,

“No nothing.”

Jiang Hengshu turned his head and happened to see the gay couple hugging each other under the yellow street lamp, the taller one pressed a kiss on the other’s forehead.

Jiang Hengshu looked back nonchalantly. The waiter quickly delivered the dishes they had ordered, the pork belly oozes fatty oil and sizzles in the roasting pan, the squid whiskers had turned brown quickly, curling up and emitting a delicious fragrance.

The two of them were silent, holding their chopsticks and eating on their own. They look out of place on a lively atmosphere in the whole barbeque restaurant.

Fu Zhen wanted to speak several times, but he didn’t know what to say.

To them this meal is some task that they need to complete.

When checking out, Fu Zhen saw an ice cream machine on the left side of the counter, so he bought two cones and handed one of them to Jiang Hengshu,

“Here you go.”

Jiang Hengshu took the cone that Fu Zhen handed, truth is, he didn’t really like these kind of things but when he looked at Fu Zhen’s bright eyes he forgot for a while and was too late to refuse.

It was less than eight o’clock and the nightlife had just began but they are already going home. Walking out of the barbeque restaurant the cold wind roared in, Fu Zhen who was sipping the cone in his hand felt that the cold wind matches well with his ice cream which is not good.

The traffic on the street made a loud whistle, Jiang Hengshu glances at Fu Zhen, he was holding the ice cream he just bought in his hand while his mouth was stained with a little white cream, Jiang Hengshu couldn’t help but stop and looked at Fu Zhen.

“What’s the matter?”

Jiang Hengshu stopped and kept looking at him, Fu Zhen felt a little uneasy and asked again,

“Is there any problem?”

Under the dim street lamp, Fu Zhen looked at him (Jiang Henhshu), his dark eyes were filled with Jiang Hengshu’s reflection.

Fu Zhen’s face was red due to the cold wind, his lips were probably brighter than usual because of the cold ice cream.

Jiang Hengshu seemed to have been tempted, he raised his hand and gently wiped the corner of Fu Zhen’s lips with his thumb and gently wipe off the cream stained.

Fu Zhen was stunned, he opened his lips slightly and stood still on the spot—motionless, the wind blew and the melted ice cream on his cone dripped down his hand smearing the red floor tiles under his feet.

There was a snap as if something fell along with it.

Under the vast starry sky, the neon lights, the noisy city, the tall buildings and the traffic road, his and Jiang Hengshu shadow overlap and under the street lights, as if everything gradually stops at this moment the world fall into silent.

Jiang Hengshu retracted his hand, rubbed his thumb and index finger unconsciously, he knew exactly what he had just done, after a long time he turned around, his eyes lowered and his beautiful blue eyes were confused.

“Go back.”

Jiang Hengshu said, he walked towards the other road where the taxi dropped them.

“Jiang Hengshu…” Fu Zhen called his name softly.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Hengshu looked back.

Fu Zhen asked, “Shall we go see a movie?” his eyes seemed too flashed under the street lamp.

Jiang Hengshu was silent, and didn’t give Fu Zhen an answer for a long time. Fu Zhen bowed his head in frustration.

“Let’s go.” Jiang answered after a long time.

Fu Zhen stared blankly at Jiang Hengshu’s back and didn’t react to what Jiang Hengshu had said.

Jiang Hengshu took two steps and found that Fu Zhen hadn’t followed, he looked back and asked Fu Zhen,

“Why aren’t you moving? Aren’t you going to see the movie?”

Fu Zhen followed.

Does Jiang Hengshu understand what he thinks of him? What does he think of himself (Fu Zhen) now?

Fu Zhen remembered that his fingertips had rubbed the corner of his lips where the temperature of Jiang Hengshu still remained and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but raise.




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  1. I was just absentmindedly checking to see if there was an update and there really was one. Kyoun do you know you’re an angel? Thank you for the chapter and for all the hard work ❤️

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    1. your welcome (ノ∀`♥) its two updates.. enjoy

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  2. Jiang Hengshu, you better not lead on the poor boy. Don’t change your mind again.

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  3. Sword Empress Avatar
    Sword Empress

    I hope my baby finds out that he is Pregnant soon… I’m kind of confused about this as the doctor didn’t say anything thing..

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  4. Okay but you still have melted ice cream on your hands.
    I’mma just pretend your hands are clean.


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