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Chapter 41

“I see.”

“What is your relationship with Fu Zhen? I heard from Wang Tong that you deliberately dragged him from US?”

“None of your business.” Jiang Hengshu said coldly.

The voice on the phone sighed,

“Crossing the river and demolished the bridge, unload the milk and kill the donkey—is so you.”

Jiang Hengshu wasn’t annoyed and ask him calmly,

“You learned the idiom from Wang Tong, didn’t you?”

“What else?”

“None, nothing. I’m hanging up.” Jiang Hengshu slid down the red hang-up button.

Jiang Hengshu hung up the phone and threw it aside, he sat on the chair holding a copy of “Analysis of Dreams” on his hand, only after reading two line Jiang Hengshu thoughts flew to elsewhere.

In that cramped room last night Fu Zhen was lying on the bed obediently with his eyes closed and some inaudible words in his mouth could be heard, tears slid from the corners of his eyes and Jiang Hengshu was caught off guard, he was strangled by a thin thread and it hurt him.

There was a knock on the door, Jiang Hengshu close the book in his hand and put in on the table, he then got up and went to open the door. Standing outside was Fu Zhen.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Hengshu asked.

Fu Zhen held his laptop in his arms, his hair was a little messy and there was a fine beads of sweat on his forehead, he asked Jiang Hengshu with some shame,

“My computer crashed, can you check it for me?”

“Let me see”

Fu Zhen handed the computer to Jiang Hengshu and followed him into his room, he explained to Jiang Hengshu from the side,

“When I was drawing the computer keyboard stops working, then I restarted the computer but it won’t open anymore.”

Jiang Hengshu nodded, he could see that Fu Zhen’s computer had been used for several years already. The computer never stops loading after restarting—Jiang Hengshu is not Wang Tong and he was not familiar with computer operation and repair so he just pressed it for a while but there was still no response.

“Forget it” Jiang Hengshu returned the computer to Fu Zhen,

“Use mine.”


Jiang Hengshu turned around, and dragged out under the bed an oversized suitcase he brought with him that day. The suitcase was unlocked, after opening the lid there was a pile of clothes on top, some documents and bank cards and membership’s cards underneath Fu Zhen was too far and couldn’t see the text written on the cards.

Jiang Hengshu knelt down and turned over the things on top and found a silver notebook from the innermost, he got up and handed it to Fu Zhen.


Fu Zhen was still a little lost, he looked at the notebook that was delivered to him, although he was kicked out from the Fu family a long time ago and had no money, he still knew the brand of the computer. The computer Jiang Hengshu lent to him cost 50, 000 yuan more or less.

Jiang Hengshu did lie to him when he said he lacks money.

Fu Zhen couldn’t tell what he was feeling right now. He hoped that Jiang Hengshu would one day make a fortune, have a wife and children, live a happy life and hoped that he could help him.

But it turned out that he couldn’t do anything.

“Thank you”, Fu Zhen said with a smile.

“I’ll pay you back tomorrow.”

Jiang Henshu did not understand that although Fu Zhen was smiling there is sadness in his eyes.

“You can use the computer first, I’m not using it anyway.”

Fu Zhen took two computers and returned to his room, after he went back he plugged the drawing board into Jiang Hengshu’s computer fortunately he saved a copy of the unfinished illustrations in the cloud before the computer shuts down. Fu Zhen downloaded the drawing from the cloud disk and continued to refine it.

Jiang Hengshu’s computer is much better than Fu Zhen’s second-hand old computer, he can’t help but get lost in his drawings, the speed of his drawing gradually slow down—Who is Jiang Hengshu?

Fu Zhen couldn’t understand why he had to come to the construction site to suffer.

Fu Zhen remembered the Jiang Hengshu he saw in the bar, the bar manager also had some background but he wasn’t arrogant in front of Jiang Hengshu. The gap between him and Jiang Hengshu might be bigger than he thought.

Fu Zhen took a deep sighed, he didn’t need to think about it so much as long as he knew Jiang Hengshu would live well in the future—it was enough.

He will invite him tomorrow for dinner, he already invited him, but forgot to ask if he had any food he don’t want to eat, Fu Zhen scratch his head he just came out of Jiang Hengshu’s room, will he bother him too much if we knock again?

Or he should just choose a few more store and let Jiang Hengshu choose tomorrow. Fu Zhen thinks this is a good method, he withdraws the messy thoughts and lowered his head to continue his drawings.

The color is harder to paint as he imagined, and it has been altered several time to no satisfaction to Fu Zhen, he put down the pen and sighed. If there is enough time he should take a look at the other party’s original work first but there is not much time left.

Fu Zhen opened his weibo and searched for some topics about the original work and found 10 results; there were five pornographic stories, three rainbow farts and the remaining two were advertisements for public accounts.




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  1. I thought the investigation Will brought to light about Fu Zhen working at that club!! When is Jiang Hengshu gonna find out? Aish.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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