Chapter 4

Early in the morning Jiang Liangchan distracted Chun Xin and Xia Yi, she also avoided other servants and quietly left the house without no one’s knowledge.

What she didn’t was that after she left the manor, Chun Xi and Xia Yi was looking at her back slowly disappearing into the crowd.

A sighed came out from the two servant when they saw her figure sneaking out of the Jiang Mansion.

The day was cold, and the sky were all blue indicating that it may snow.

The young lady was covered with large cloak outside covering everything she worn inside.

Inside the large cloak Jiang Liangchan was wearing a men’s clothes.

What is the young lady thinking?

She must be planning on going to the brothel again.

Are the thought of the two servants.

Thinking of the young lady beating people in the brothel yesterday Chun Xi and Xia Yi understood instantly.

And the more they think about it the more they got worried—

She is going to make trouble with that woman in the brothel again!.

But wasn’t that what she usually do? Why was she so secretive? And even covering herself up.

The two maids glance at each other and both saw the same guesses in each other’s eyes.

This time the master was afraid that she will do something more vicious.


Jiang Liangchan didn’t know that she was discovered sneaking out nor did she know that the maids were slandering her.

Her current mood was anxious and excited at the same time.

Anxious, since she was all alone in this world—a world that the author created, all her historical knowledge was useless she could only carefully take one step at time.

She was also afraid that people will discover her changes—temperament and attitude, and that she will disappear.

Afraid that she will end up the same ending as the original body in the book.

Afraid of the male lead in the book.

And to change the plot today, she was even more nervous.

But even with her anxiety and fear she was also a little excited.

She was now in disguise as a man!

And going to a brothel at that!

In all her two lives this was the first time she’s going to see what a brothel look like!

Sitting in the sedan chair Jiang Liangchen swayed towards the brothel.

In fact she originally planned to ride a horse, before when she was reading the book there was a poem that she loved so much,

“Now I remember Jiangnan music, when I was young my spring clothes were thin. Riding on a leaning bridge, full of red sleeves. Drunk into gold buckets of flowers, seeing this time the white head swears not to return.”*

(TL: I literally just translate this word by word.. please comment if I got this wrong)

In particular the phrase “riding on a leaning bridge” caught her heart even more and the image of a youthful spirit rushing towards her face remained in her heart.

This time, she will have a chance for her wish to come true, how can she let go of the chance?

Jiang Liangchan made her plans and before leaving the house, she went to the stable first.

The boy who took care of the stables was clever, he took the initiative to lead her to the best horse and respectfully invited her to mount.

However Jiang Liangchan was a normal person in her previous life and did not know how to ride a horse, she was afraid that she wouldn’t able to mount. Embarrassed, she drove the boy away first.

After making sure that no one was looking she mounted on the back of the horse on her own.

She is counting on the original body to have the memory on how to mount. She has read many novel and watch many drama that after transmigrating even if the transmigrator knows nothing the original body would still retain the original body’s habitual movements.

Whenever she encounter something the body will automatically remember and do it on its own.

But facts have proved that she does not have such a golden finger. She just tried to turn the stirrups towards herself, stepped on a foot, kicked the horse without any warning and was almost thrown out by the horse.

After staggering and stabilizing herself, Jiang Liangchen looked around furtively.

No one is around. Good.

Fortunately she just drive the young boy out, she really is witty.

Jiang Liangchan and the snow-white horse stared at each other, one big and one small eyes, they stared for a while and found that the horse had firm look and didn’t want to admit defeat.

Hmp! Why is it even important to ride a horse?


Jiang Linagchen sat elegantly, looking at the young girl playing pipa while waiting for someone.

The brothel was different from what she had imagined.

It’s not much of amorous ambiance but it’s more like an elegant meeting place with a lot of private seats; guest officials chatting and laughing, the girls were sitting with them played and sang, there were even people who paints on the spot which was completely different from what she had imagined.

It made her feel a bit disappointed.

When someone went to call for fan painting, Jiang Liangchen suddenly thought of something.

In the novel when the male protagonist Chen Fang met his Bai Yuegang she was already sold to the brothel.

Brothel has strict rules, the women who paint fan and sell themselves can’t get out, the place where they met and know each other is probably this brothel?

A delicate plaque was hung on the brothel with the words “First Class” on top and “Qingyin Small Class” on the bottom which means they are the first class in this brothel.

Of course, the cost is very high.

Tsk Tsk Tsk, looking at the loving male protagonist living in poverty at her backyard not saving enough money to visit such a good brothel.


That man.

Before someone could call her for the fan painting a young man sat down opposite Jiang Liangchan’s seat.

The young man dressed in red fox fur with peach blossoms in between his eyes and brows and a small dimple on the corners of his lips but when he speaks he reveal his ignorance, his whole body is telling “rich young master”, he said to Jiang Liangchan with a big grin,

“Brother*, there are a lot of people today let’s make do with the table, can we?”

(TL:  was used in the raw which means a polite way of calling someone on your age)

Jiang Liangchan wanted to refuse him saying, this brother won’t allow it but she’s going to change the plot she mustn’t involve in anything unnecessary.

She just wave her hand.

But it seems that this brother is a silly blockhead who doesn’t understand Jiang Liangchan’s refusal and just familiarize himself,

“Thank you brother.”

Jiang Liangchan: . . . .

Jiang Liangchan looked back but hadn’t seen the man who are calling for fan painting, she didn’t know why it took so long.

Since it’s really boring to wait alone, maybe it’s okay to have a small talk to distract her a bit, lest she sit her alone and get nervous enough to have stomachache.

Fortunately this man is very talkative, seeing that Jiang Liangchan is not a patron he asked actively,

“Seeing you up close, is seems that this your first time here?”

Jiang Liangchan’s mind turned and cunningly said,

“I’m not from the capital. I have never seen such prosperous place and don’t understand the customs here. If it’s okay with you brother can you give some advice?”

This young man immediately gave her basket of capital customs and gossips.

Jiang Liangchan listened attentively, her expression remained serious and restrained but her heart is already shaking.



TL: ugh!! I really had a hard time translating this ╥﹏╥.. the author has a very unique way in using his/her words.. I think I’m gonna drop this…φ(。。*) it takes too much of my time translating this.. I even given myself liberties on changing some of the words and sentences for it to be understandable in English 从´_υ`从 such a nice story.. we’ll see.. BMW 19.1 will be posted later

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