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Chapter 34

Liu Han snorted coldly but Fu Zhen didn’t seemed to be scared with him.

Does Fu Jianchen really didn’t care about this young son or that he(Fu Jianchen) is now acting hoping that he (Liu Han) can relax his vigilance and it is waiting for him to let go of Fu Zhen after seeing that he was worthless.

Liu Han sneered in his heart, if Fu Jianchen really thought so then he would have looked down on him too much. Even if they could not get 80 million he would definitely not make Fu Zhen feel any better.

A night quickly passed in peace but this kind of peace was not a good thing for Fu Zhen and the Liu brothers. Nothing happened to the Fu family, they didn’t really care whether Fu Zhen was kidnapped.

The next morning the warm morning night came in through the glass window on the east side ot the room. There was a black green bruise on the corner of Fu Zhen’s mouth, which Liu Han left on his face last night.

He raised his head and looked out the window, there is a dense brown trees and endless bushes, the sun fall on it like a layer of gold dust under the gray sky with haze.

Fu Zhen stared for a long time until Liu Han and Liu Wen entered the room again, he withdrew his gaze, dropped his head casually and looked at the ground.

Liu Han walked up to Fu Zhen and kicked his calf, Fu Zhen raised his head, his face was full of bruises, there was almost no blood on his face, his eyes were bloodshot, and his lips were pale. Liu Han turned and sat on the table, lit a cigarette, held it in his mouth and took a deep breath.

Liu Wen leaned against the wall, after playing with the phone for a while, he raised his head and asked his brother,

“Have you contacted Fu Ting?”

“Contact my fart, these people’ heart are all black”

Liu Han jumped off the table and cursed,

“I just saw Fu Ting on the TV, this bastard is in the mood to have a press conference for his sister and has no time to save his brother. Don’t count on him.”

“What’s the press conference for?”

Liu Wen couldn’t believe that at this time Fu Ting was still in the mood to hold a press confrence for Tang Wanwan.

Liu Han sneered,

“Didn’t Tang Wanwan fall yesterday?”

“Just hold a press conference for this?”

Liu Han shook his head and did not answer, he slowly walked to Fu Zhen, bent down and asked,

“What do you think on this matter?”

Fu Zhen hadn’t drunk water for a day and two nights now, his lips were very dry and a little chapped, hearing Lie Han’s question he raised his head paused for a while and shook his head,

“Nothing to say.”

His voice is very soft if you don’t listen carefully there is almost no way to hear what he just said.

“F*ck it!” Liu Han slapped Fu Zhen on the head.

Fu Zhen’ head was beaten to the side and it took a long time to turn back his head.

Liu Wen glanced at the entertainment news on his mobile phone, he didn’t know why he was a little worried, and asked his brother

“They won’t find us here, right?”

“What about it? I hope they can find us.”

Liu Han said that if Fu Jianchen is willing to investigate this matter at least it means that Fu Zhen has still a bit of status in his heart. What he feared is that he doesn’t care at all, they are just fighting for nothing.

Liu Wen was still uneasy, this was the first time he followed Liu Han to do this kind of thing and he was not confident in his heart. Liu Han saw his worry and sneered,

“What are you afraid of? The big deal is that we will die here together. Now, what is there to live in the ghost days of hiding!”

Liu Wen pursed his lips and said nothing, in fact as long as he was with Liu Han he could endure any kind of life, but since Liu Han chose to take this dark road, he would not abandon him.

Another day passed, there was still no news on Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting. The phone number that the Liu brothers had called were all blocked by them which shows that Fu Jianchen and the others really don’t care about Fu Zhen’s life or death.

Fu Zhen hasn’t eaten for two days now, his hair is messy, his face is gray, and the brilliance in his eyes has lost its shines, which is now very ugly.

“Damn, Fu Jianchen, this bastard is really hard-hearted.”

Liu Han came over and grabbed Fu Zhen’s chin, he forced him to raised his head and look down at the fragile young man in front of him and asked,

“Are you really his own son?”

Fu Zhen thought for a while and replied,

“Who knows?”

Liu Han had suppress the his anger for the past two days, now that he hears Fu Zhen’s words he felt that he was taunting him. The anger that he had suppressed in his mind was ignited at this moment, and with a bang he kicked the chair under Fu Zhen fiercely, the chair shook and almost fell to the ground with Fu Zhen.

He raised his fist and smashed it towards Fu Zhen’s face. Fu Zhen was tied on the chair and there was no way to escape, he let out a muffled grunt and the corners of his mouth soon seeped a ray of bright red and his face was even paler.

Liu Han was fierce and vicious, his fists slammed on the table and chairs, banging. Liu Wen was also frightened by Liu Han’s anger, he was afraid that he would kill Fu Zhen just like that so he hurried forward to hold Liu Han.

“Forget it brother, you need to calm down, the money can be earned let’s think of other ways. Don’t kill.”

Liu Han took his hand and glared at Fu Zhen, he would not allow to send Fu Zhen back painlessly but he didn’t want to kill him in front of Liu Wen. Thinking of other ways he said to Liu Wen,

“Let’s go!”

“Just leave?”

Liu Wen could understand his brother’s actions.

“If you don’t want leave, stay here with him?”

Liu Wen was silent and followed Liu Han outside of the tin room, Fu Zhen was dizzy with Liu Han’s punches, he sat on the chair with his head dropped and as the sun shone on him like a cruel believer.

When Liu Han walked to the door he stopped, took out his phone and turned around to take photo of Fu Zhen and then sent the photo to Fu Jianchen’s. As for when Fu Jianchen see the photo and what kind of expression will he use, that has nothing to do with him.

Fu Zhen will stay here forever, whether he can survive or not depends on whether Fu Jianchen and others are willing to rescue him.

He wouldn’t kill Fu Zhen, if he really died then he died because of Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting’s indifference.

Liu Han chuckled and drove Liu Wen out of the woods with him.

The sky outside gradually darkened, the sun had already set on top of the west mountain. The Liu brothers never appeared in front of Fu Zhen again.




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