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Chapter 33

The phone was quickly connected, and Liu Han first asked,

“Fu Jianchen, right?”

“Who are you?” Fu Jianchen asked on the other end of the phone his voice was deep.

“You don’t need to know who I am, just need to know that your son is in my hands now. If you don’t do what I say, you will never see him again”

“My son?”

Fu Jianchen frowned slightly, if Fu Ting was kidnapped someone would have already notify him in advance, besides he had just called Fu Ting how could he be kidnapped.

“It’s Fu Zhen, how come Mr. Fu who met his younger son just two days ago and now he can’t remember?”  Liu Han sarcastically replied.

Only then Fu Jianchen understand that the person they kidnapped turned out to be Fu Zhen.

“You kidnapped him?” he asked knowingly.

“Yes as long as Mr. Fu prepare 80 million for us, we will let him go after we get the money and leave.”

This deal was not very cost-effective after all Fu Zhen was no longer a member of Fu family since two years ago, but Fu Jianchen still hesitated.

He thought of the boy he saw in his dream and the Fu Zhen he saw two days ago.

Liu Han continued on the phone and said,

“I will give Mr. Fu a night to consider. I hope that you can transfer 80 million to my account before nine o’clock in the morning. Don’t think about calling the police or finding us by other means. I can guarantee that if I met an accident I will take your little son to hell with me.”

Liu Han hung up the phone decisively after speaking.

Fu Jianchen held the phone and stayed like that. When Tang Wanwan on the side saw his strangeness, she walked over to Fu Jianchen ans asked,

“Da, what’s wrong with you?”

Fu Jianchen raised his head and looked at Tang Wanwan, her eyes were like a mirror and his figure was clearly reflected in it. At this moment Fu Jianchen could not tell a lie when facing her, he pressed his lower lip and told Tang Wanwan what the kidanpper said to him on the phone.

Tang Wanwasn titled her head, showing that she was thinking seriously, after a while she said to Fu Jianchen,

“People in Pinghai Ciry knows that you have driven Fu Zhen out of the Fu family two years ago, how could it be possible? Who would kidnapped him and ask dad for money?”

Fu Jianchen felt something was wrong but he couldn’t help but nod and said to Tang Wanwan,

“You’re right.”

The room was quiet and through the glass window, one could see the north wind roaring outside as the branches swayed with the strong wind. Tang Wanwan raised the corner of her mouth and said,

“It’s also possible that Fu Zhen has no money, why don’t we check on him again?”

Fu Jianchen immediately understood the meaning behind Tang Wanwan’s words, she felt that this incident might have been planned by Fu Zhen.

Seeing that Fu Jianchen was silent Tang Wanwan then asked,

“What is dad going to do?”

“I’ll think about it.”

Tang Wanwan lowered her eyes, she absolutely couldn’t let Fu Jianchen hand over 80 million to Fu Zhen. She had to make a way to make Fu Jianchen forget about it.


After Liu Han hung up the phone, he happily waited for Fu Jianchen to transfer the money to their account the next day. But they waited until 12 noon the next day, not only was there no movement in the account but now they can’t even get through Fu Jianchen.

Liu Han who was eating, looked at the phone and cursed, he angrily threw the lunch box prepared for Fu Zhen directly into the trash can outside.

Fu Zhen lowered his head, staring at the concrete floor under his feet and said nothing. He had never hoped for Fu Jianchen so there was no disappointment now.

Liu Han waited for another afternoon, there was still no news from Fu Jianchen. It was not until the evening that Liu Han and the others knew that Tang Wanwan was frightened when she encountered an obsessive fan in the hotel and accidentally fell while avoiding it.

Now Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting are both accompanying her in the hospital.

Liu Han was so angry that he stomped his feet in the tin room, then walked up to Fu Zhen and said to him,

“If we can’t get the money from Fu Jianchen, you can die here with us.”

Fu Zhen slowly raised his head, his eyes were blindfolded under the dim light, after he uttered an— oh, he dropped his head again without making a sound.

“Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Liu Han grabbed Fu Zhen’s hair and asked in his ear.


“Afraid.” Fu Zhen said softly.

But what about it?





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