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Chapter 32

Fu Zhen got on the bus and didn’t go home directly, since it was still early he went to the market to buy rice noodles for his consumption on the next month. After coming out of the market he took two bags, crossed the road and walked onto the overpass.

Under the overpass sat a blind man in ragged clothes with an erhu, playing Ah Bing’s Moon Reflected in the Second Spring, mirroring the boundless world.

Fu Zhen stopped in front of the old man for a while, when the blind man finishes the song, Fu Zhen took out five yuan from his pocket and placed them in the bowl in front of the old man.

As the sky gradually darkened, carrying the two plastic bags he walked slowly along the sidewalk of the community. The setting sun fell on the top of the hill and the orange glow enveloped the entire city as its shadow was drawn long and thin.

The two brothers of the Liu family have been watching the neighborhood for several days now. Every time Fu Zhen came back he was accompanied by a man, they didn’t know the identity or the relationship between him and Fu Zhen so they didn’t dare act carelessly.

Today they waited for chance until Fu Zhen was alone. They have checked before and most of the surrounding surveillace are not working, and a few of them can’t be reach where they are going to do it.

The two brothers looked at each other and watched Fu Zhen step into their trap.

When he walked to the entrance of the corridor Fu Zhen vaguely noticed something was wrong, and when he turned his head he saw a tall man walking towards him, he knew the man was up to no good. He have a crippled leg, it will be difficult for him to run so all he can do now was ask for help.

However before he could scream, he was struck on the back of his head, his mouth was firmly covered from behind and then he was dragged away forcefully. The entire kidnapping process did not exceed two minutes. They already have practiced this action thousands of times.

Fu Zhen was hit hard from behind and felt dizzy. It wasn’t until the two people stuffed him in a minivan that he realized he was no being sacked.

He didn’t know this two people and what could be the purpose of this kidnapping.

Fu Zhen wanted to tilt his head to look for a window but he was soon blindfolded with a black cloth, his eyes couldn’t see anything besides pitch black, his hands were tied behind his back with a hemp rope.

Fu Zhen thinks that he should have no enemies, for the past two years he has been honest and responsible. The only people who have enmity with him are Fu Jianchen and his family, if Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting wants to deal him they will never use such a clumsy method.

The two hands behind move agitatedly trying to break free from the hemp rope. When the second brother saw his movements, he lowered his voice and threatened him,

“If you want to live, you behave!”

Fu Zhen stopped and blink his eyes, his vision was still pitch black. After driving for about half an hour the minivan finally stopped, Fu Zhen was pushed from behind, he staggered and almost fell.

Liu Han jumped out of the minivan behind him together with Liu Wen, they dragged Fu Zhen into a blue tin room, there were tables and chairs prepared by them. They took another hemp rope on the table and tied Fu Zhen to the chair.

The blindfold on Fu Zhen was finally take off, the long darkness has prevented him from adapting to the small light. After a while he notice where he was trapped, this kind of movable tin room is generally used as guard both or a sales both. Based on this alone, he still can’t tell who kidnapped him.

The sky outside was already completely dark, Liu Han put the flashlight on the table and then took out a dagger from his pocket, the cold blade drew across Fu Zhen’s chin,

“Don’t worry, we won’t do anything to you. As long as Fu Jianchen gives the money we will release you immediately.”

“You kidnapped me…”

Fu Zhen raised his head, in the darkness he couldn’t fully see the looks of the two people in front of him, he paused a bit and couldn’t help but thought it was funny, and asked again,

“Is to ask Fu Jianchen for money?”

The blade slipped from Fu Zhen’s chin to his face like a snake,

“Of course.”

Someone kidnapped him and asked Fu Jianchen for a ransom. Why did they think that Fu Jiachen would pay them a large sum of money that he didn’t need to pay? Do the current kidnappers didn’t use their brains before kidnapping people.

“Why are you laughing!”

Fu Zhen was taken aback, did he smile just now?

He shook his head and said nothing.

Liu han felt that he was being mocked just now, but he suppressed his anger and continued to asked Fu Zhen,

“What is Fu Jianchen’s phone number?”

“I don’t know.” Fu Zhen replied.

“You don’t know?

Liu Han slapped Fu Zhen’ face hard, “You don’t know your own dad’s phone number?”

Fu Zhen’s head and face beaten, his left cheek soon became red and swollen, Liu Han’s hands did not hesitate and are not weak. A bloody smell spread in the tin room, and Fu Zhen tongue could taste the metallic blood.

Seeing that Fu Zhen has no plan on speaking, Liu Han frowned and took Fu Zhen phone out of his pocket, unlocked the fingerprint of the mobile phone with his (Fu Zhen) finger then opened his phone book and asked him,

“It’s this father?”

Fu Zhen didn’t speak, his mobile phone had been change several times before but the people in the phone book stayed on his phone.

These two people are destined to be disappointed, even if they get Fu Jianchen’s number, it is impossible for Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting to pay the ransom for him.





TL: oh no my poor baby Fu Zhen!! (>_<)

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