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Chapter 31

Fu Zhen didn’t care if Jiang Hengshu had forgotten everything that had happened that night. But when Jiang Hengshu said that he remembered that brief encounter on the bus, it give big surprise to Fu Zhen, his eyes lit up and asked him,

“Why did you chose to work on the construction site?”

He still remembered Jiang Hengshu’s clothes that day, he look more like a boss or a white-collar worker, he really didn’t look like someone who would go to a construction site to move bricks.

Jiang Hengshu used the same reason he told the other workers before,

“Recently, I have been short of money.”


Fu Zhen thought that Jiang Hengshu might not be telling the truth after all moving bricks is not a fast-paying job, but he nodded and didn’t say anything.

He don’t know how much money Jiang Hengshu lacks now and how much he can help him. Fu Zhen added the balance on his bank card, it was probably not enough and decided to accept more drawing once he’s home.


On a windy afternoon Fu Zhen sat down by the pile of bricks as usual after moving sand, holding his sketchbook he started to draw, he hasn’t finish a few strokes when his stomach grumbles, he quickly put down the sketchbook and ran to the toilet clutching his stomach.

The sketchbook was original place above the bricks where he was setting but when a worker carrying a sandbag passed by, didn’t notice the sketchbook and knock it accidentally. The cover was spread out and the contents inside were all scattered.

The workers were busy making money had no time to check on what was drawn on the sketchbook, only Jiang Hengshu stopped and saw himself on one of Fu Zhen’s sketch.

As the north winds blows the paper rustles opening every page containing all of his picture.

Jiang Hengshu stood on the spot carrying a sandbag, he remembered what the workers had said to him before. They mentioned that the cripple was a pervert, one of the worker saw him often going in and out of gay bars.

Jiang Hengshu didn’t care about it at that time whether Fu Zhen liked men or women, he had nothing to do with him.

But now that he saw sketches of himself in others man sketchbook, Jiang Hengshu started to understand something.

Jiang Hengshu pretended not to see anything and walked forward but didn’t take a few steps then stopped again, turned around and picked up the sketchbook on the ground, closed it and put it back where it was.

And a shallow sighed was heard drifted in the wind.

Ten minutes later, Fu Zhen came back from the restroom he didn’t know anything that had happened earlier. He took the sketchbook and continued sketching until the sky darkened.

Since Fu Zhen was expelled from the Fu family his whole person has become a lot more sensitive, even if Jiang Hengshu behaves almost exactly the same as before on their way back he still easily notice that Jiang Hengshu is now colder.

Fu Zhen didn’t know what he had done wrong but didn’t dare to ask Jiang Hengshu. He sat on his seat and looked out the window of the bus, watching people coming and going, and felt more disappointed however he understands that one day he and Jiang Hengshu will separate, when that time comes no matter how much he wanted to see Jiang Hengshu, he can no longer see him.

For several days Jiang Hengshu’s attitude became a lot colder, he seemed to be subtly drawing a line with Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen understood this and cooperated with Jiang Hengshu to bring the relationship between the two of them back to strangers.

On the construction site, Fu Zhen just sat down after finishing his work and took out his sketchbook, before he could open it Jiang Hengshu walked over and said to Fu Zhen,

“You go back first, I have something to do today. I cannot go home with you.”

Fu Zhen raised his head blankly, grabbed the sketchbook and look at Jiang Hengshu for a long time and said,

“I see.”

After Jiang Hengshu left, Fu Zhen slowly stood up picked up his sketchbook and walked outside the construction site alone in the face of the cold wind.





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