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Chapter 30

Fu Zhen returned to his room, and work on his pictures; he modified, insert colors on his drawing yesterday and sent them to his customers. Not long after his mobile phone rang and receives the payment, Fu Zhen opened his Alipay and took a look at the balance, it was still less than three thousand.

Few days later will be Christmas and he wanted to buy a gift for Jiang Hengshu to express his gratitude to him, after searching on taobao* and contemplating he was not satisfied with the things he see.

(TL: *Chinese online shopping website)

Fu Zhen existed from taobao and posted on his weibo. Now his weibo fans are little more than his alipay balance*, there are also many fans who privately asked for picture and majority of them are fans of Shazou Chronicle. This time he didn’t choose the Shazou Chronicle style, he wanted to try another style so he took two Q-version avatars and a personal blog.*

(TL:1. * he has more fans following him on weibo than his money on alipay, 2.*he wanted to try another drawing style to widened his customer since most of his customer are fans of Shazou Chronicle )

Fu Zhen’s dream was to be a director but from the day he was kicked out of the Fu family he knew that this dream would probably not be realized in this life. It was not that he was incapable himself but Fu Jianchen would never let him enter the same circle as Tang Wanwan and Fu Zhen has no power to oppose this.


The weather in Pinghai City has been good for the past two days, the breeze is gentle and the sky is clear. Fu Zhen still hasn’t taken his medicine but his left leg is not acting in this days.

Workers in blue overalls were working on the construction site without stopping. After Fu Zhen finished pushing the cart full of sand, he took out his phone and check the time, he pushed the cart aside then turned around and searched for Jiang Hengshu’s figure on the construction site.

He wanted to wait for Jiang Hengshu so that they could go home together, after finding Jiang Hengshu Fu Zhen took out his sketchbook and sat down on a brick holding a pencil in his hand sometimes raising his head looking at Jiang Hengshu while his pencil was constantly moving making a squeaking sound.

Fu Zhen became more and more focus, Jiang Hengshu’s figure soon appeared on his paper, sitting under a big tree, his right knee bend slightly and his chin is raise looking a bit rebellious.

Looking at it he was not satisfied, he always felt that it still lacked a little charm, he stopped his movements and looked at Jiang Hengshu’s direction who was carrying a sack of sand on his shoulder. He wore very few clothes, through the blue overalls the line of his sexy neck down to his abdominal muscle can be faintly seen.

Every time he sees Jiang Hengshu it felt like there are only two of them left in the entire world, however he knows that this is his own illusion and he will soon needs to wake up. Focusing back to his drawing, Jiang Hengshu’s figure became more distinct on the sketchbook.

There was fine snow falling in the sky but Fu Zhen was completely unaware of it, he was too focused on detailing Jiang Hengshu with his pencil, from his slightly rolled trousers to his wrinkled shirt collar to the curved corners of his lips—until a shadow gradually filled his sketchbook.

Taken a back Fu Zhen quickly closed the sketchbook in his hand, raised his head and looked at the owner of the shadow, Jiang Hengshu.

Fu Zhen blinked and moved his fingers unconsciously while holding the sketchbook, he asked

“Getting off work?”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hum, his gaze paused slightly on the sketchbook in Fu Zhen’s hand but quickly moved away. Fu Zhen observed Jiang Hengshu’s face and check if there was nothing unusual, he shouldn’t recognize himself on the drawing just now.

The wind blew gently and Fu Zhen stood up from the pile of bricks holding the sketchbook in his arms like a young dragon holding a gold coin.

“Let’s go” Jiang Hengshu invited.

Fu Zhen followed Jiang Hengshu and walked outside of the construction site, the snow is falling heavier. Fu Zhen wore a brown woolen hat on his head and a thin of fine snow fell on it, looking something like a black forest cake.

In order to take care of Fu Zhen who was following him Jiang Hengshu didn’t walk too fast. Fu Zhen looked over the pavement in front and stopped on the wire with gray-blue sky as the background, a few gray sparrows perched on the wire, whispering.

They stopped in front of the bus sign, Fu Zhen raised his head with the sketchbook looking towards the dark sky, fluttering snowflakes fell like dead leaves one after another, speeding vehicles on the street and there was also a cold wind with fine snow in the wind.

Fu Zhen shivered and moves a little closer to Jiang Hengshu, the latter was tilting his head to look at the direction of the construction site seemingly not paying attention to Fu Zhen’s action.

Not long after the bus arrives, Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu got on the bus one after another. There were already a lot of people boarded and there were no available seats, Fu Zhen followed Jiang Hengshu to the back side of the bus, he (Jiang Hengshu) raised his hand to hold the handrail while Fu Zhen held on the crossbar beside the rear door.

There were more and more people boarding the bus, Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen were surrounded, their bodied were closed to each other feeling the breath passed from Jiang Hengshu’s body. Fu Zhen could hear clearly the sound of his heart beating like the flapping wings of a butterfly on spring.

The bus swayed through the city with criss-cross streets, it stopped in front of the school, a wave of people got out of the bus through the back door and another wave of crowd came up, everything is still the same—crowded.

After a few stops there were gradually vacant seats in the bus, Jiang Hengshu took one and called Fu Zhen over and let him sit down.

This kind of thing happened almost every day after getting off the work. Fu Zhen was very grateful to Jiang Hengshu with a blush on his face he whispered,

“…thank you”

Jiang Hengshu hummed softly and looked out the window bus, the thin street tress hurriedly passed his sight and the twilight fell together.

The night in winter always comes earlier than summer, the bus was dim and crowded figures formed a shadow in Fu Zhen’s eyes he raised his head, looked at Jiang Hengshu and asked him,

“Do you still remember me?”


Jiang Hengshu didn’t hear what Fu Zhen had said, he looked at Fu Zhen and asked.

“We met that day inside the bus, just like today.”

After Fu Zhen said this he lowered his head slightly hiding his expression in the dim light.

“Remember.” Jiang Hengshu replied with his cold and indifferent voice.

He remembered that in that evening Fu Zhen was standing on the bus just like now, like a lonely little animal but he didn’t remember that it was also on that night that he and the young man in front of him had a erotic night by accident.





TL: more is coming..

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