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Chapter 29

“Why are you so polite?”

The worker finishes his lunch, took a cigarette in his mouth and took a sip, he squinted his eyes with enjoyment. He glance at Jiang Hengshu and asked,

“Looking at you like this, you don’t seem like someone who works on construction site before, right? Why did you chose this work?”

“Lack of money”

The worker sighed after hearing Jiang Hengshu’s word and took another sip of cigarette.

“Money, it’s a good thing”

Jiang Hengshu did not comment, he just put the lunch aside, closed his eyes and leaned against the wall.

Fu Zhen sat under the root of the tree and looked at Jiang Hengshu with a smile, although Jiang Hengshu was a little cold he can still make friends with other workers, but excluding him. Fu Zhen felt a little jealous but it didn’t matter.

The work in the afternoon was as boring as the morning, those movements were repeated mechanically. As the day ends time, they slowly end their work, Fu Zhen who was done a minute earlier sat down on edge of a slab, waiting for Jiang Hengshu to get off from work and go home together.

The sun is dwindling to the west, the setting sun dyes the sky rose red and the golden fish-scale clouds are gradually fading. Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu are riding on the bus, just like in the past he shielded him in his warm encirclement when there were too many people.

The warm air was flowing around him, when the driver accidentally slammed on the brakes, Fu Zhen was caught off guard and was pushed against Jiang Hengshu’s arms.

Complains and shouts of the passengers instantly fill the bus, while Fu Zhen instantly straightened up and moved his head from Jiang Hengshu’s chest.

He raised his head a little and took a peek at Jiang Hengshu, he (Jiang Hengshu) was also looking at him with his eyes down, the two eyes were intertwined. Fu Zhen could see a spot of tenderness in Jiang Hengshu’s eyes.

Fu Zhen’s heart flutters for a moment and knew that he was kind and mostly affectionate, pursing his lips he looked away as if nothing had happen.

The bus arrived quickly, Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu got out of the bus and walked toward the residential building. The shadows of two people stacked together under the street lights.

Suddenly Jiang Hengshu stopped, turned and looked at the alley not far from the southwest behind him.

The sky had darkened, there are no lights in the alley and from where he was standing and there is no way for him see what was in the dilapidated alley.

Fu Zhen stretched his head and took a look, there was no light in the deep alley so he asked curiously,

“What’s wrong?”

Jiang Hengshu turned his head and said to Fu Zhen,

“It’s nothing, let’s go.”

After Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu went upstairs, two man who had been hiding in the alley walked out, under the dim light and neither of them look pretty.

The two man were the Liu brothers, who were targeted by the Fu family and Qin Zhao after hurting Tang Wanwan. It didn’t take long before the Liu family went bankrupt, the two brothers were chased by creditors and hid everywhere.

They went to the Fu’s house and even knelt down to Fu Jianchen but they couldn’t still save anything, but they didn’t want to hide forever in this city.

They walked to a barbeque stall and sat down, the second brother kept his voice low and asked his elder brother with some skepticism,

“Are you sure, it was him?”

His elder brother replied,

“Of course, I’m sure of it. He is the youngest son who was expelled from the Fu family by Fu Jianchen two years ago”

The second brother was still a little unsure, “The Fu family has already driven him out. Is he still useful to us?”

“Anyway, I don’t believe that Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting are cruel enough to ignore the Fu’s family blood flowing on that cripple.”

The elder brother paused, touched his chin and continued,

“I saw Fu Ting and Jianchen coming over to look for him two days ago and they still couldn’t let him go”

Seeing his little brother frowning and not speaking, he added

“Fu Jianchen and the others forced us to do this, Tang Wanwan’s security is too tight we won’t have a chance. But we can easily kidnapped Fu Zhen, we won’t kill him, we’ll just take the ransom and go abroad. They can’t easily stretched their hand there.”

The second brother thinks what his elder brother said made sense, after hesitating he nodded and agreed.

“Okay… alright”

“Get ready, we need to kidnap Fu Zhen before Tang Wanwan marriage otherwise we’ll regret it if were too late”


Author has something to say: There are probably three or four chapters of abuse, those little cuties who can’t stand it, can wait and see.




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