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Chapter 28

The gentle morning light shines and passes through the gap of the bed curtain and landed on Fu Zhen’s face. He lazily raised his hand to cover his eyes, after a while he exposed a gap between his fingers and opened his eyes, and saw the uneven white paint of the ceiling.

He turned his head and glance at the small alarm clock on the bedside table, it’s not yet eight o’clock in the morning.

Fu Zhen got up from the bed, after putting his clothes, he took his toothbrush and went to the bathroom to wash. When he came back he passed by Jiang Hengshu’s room. His room was locked tightly and it very quiet inside he must have gone to the construction site.

He bowed his head and returned to his room disappointed, the noodles in the cupboard had been eaten so decided to buy some vegetables and rice at the morning market then return home, thinking of this he put on his coat and went downstairs.

After Fu Zhen finishes his breakfast he sat in front of the computer and started working, he remembered that he had forgotten to buy painkillers when he was out just now but as of the moment his legs are not in pain and the painkillers are actually taste too bitter. After thinking about it Fu Zhen decided to continue drawing pictures and would buy painkiller next time he go out.

The weather is getting colder and colder no matter how thick the clothes he wear it cannot stop the biting chill, Fu Zhen now has a new job and he does not need to continue suffering on the construction site.

Even if Jiang Hengshu is also working on the construction site, and like him very much, he cannot ruin his body for him.

After a two-day rest, Fu Zhen’s drawing was almost done, the next day he went to the construction site with Jiang Hengshu on a snowy morning, and talked to the foreman,

“I felt a little pain in my legs these past few days, so I can’t continue working here”

The foreman frowned, if Fu Zhen had said this to him a few days ago he would agree to it without thinking too much but several workers have already left in the past days.

He took a cigarette and said to Fu Zhen,

“Little Fu, Brother Chen treats you pretty well right.”

Fu Zhen nodded and said nothing, knowing that it would be difficult for him to resign this time.

The foreman sighed and the white smoke drifted along the wind towards Fu Zhen, he heard the foreman say,

“There has been a lot of work on the construction site in the past two days, if you work for another week, I’ll pay you all the wages”

He borrowed two thousand before for urgent use and he owed the foreman a favor, after hesitating Fu Zhen agreed,


The foreman raised his hand and patted Fu Zhen on the shoulder and said with a smile,

“Work hard, you can still come here once your legs are healed.”

Fu Zhen whispered a thank you to the foreman, he went to the side to find his cart, shuttled on the construction site and continue to load sand.

The cold wind rolled up the sand on the ground and hurled like a knife once touched the skin. Fu Zhen lowered his head almost burying it on his chest so that he could feel slightly better.

When working in the morning he passed by Jiang Hengshu several times, but he never looked at him since he (Jiang Hengshu) was so focused on his work. He (Fu Zhen) look like an idiot uncontrollably wanting to pay more attention to Jiang Hengshu.

Fu Zhen will only be living in the shadow of Fu family with no possibility of reversing it but Jiang Hengshu is different, he’s a good person if he can, he hopes that Jiang Hengshu can live happier life than him, get someone he likes and can have a good life.

He wanted to do something for Jiang Hengshu but he couldn’t do anything now.

Looking at Jiang Hengshu, he knew very little about him, but falls in love with him without any reservation. This love is destined to be a sad story.

Fu Zhen would also like to see what kind of a person Jiang Hengshu likes. He suddenly remembered the dream he had last night and thinking of it blush of red dyed his face.

If he had a thicker skin he could get closer to Jiang Hengshu however when he thought of his deformed body, those thoughts immediately disappeared without a trace, he would wonder sometimes why can’t he be a girl.

But now he can only sit in a dark corner looking at Jiang Hengshu silently, if he only turns his head at this time and smiles at him, Fu Zhen would surely be in a very good mood for a long time.

He is too timid like a winter mole, his love is all hidden in the dark lair, only when no one dared to take them out and looked at them with gentle and cautious eyes, would they come out and break through the soil and feel the spring wind.

One of the worker raised his arm, tap Jiang Hengshu and asked him.

“Did you notice? That cripple has been peeking at you”

Jiang Hengshu just gave a hum, and did not speak, the expression on his face did not change at all.

“Is he gay?”

After asking this the worker rubbed his arms, seeming to feel sick at his realization.

Jiang Hengshu raised his head and glance at Fu Zhen’s direction. Fu Zhen at this time has already retracted his gaze, hang his head low eating his lunch seriously and then soon put down the lunch box in his hand, taking his phone out and fiddle it with his head still down.

Seeing that Jiang Hengshu did not speak, the worker pursed his lips and continued,

“What you inquire with me yesterday was interesting”

Jiang Hengshu retracted his gaze,

“How was it?”

“We have indeed someone who died on this construction site, in April this year, the body was found in a ditch behind the construction site. It had been soaked for several days when it was discovered. I don’t know if it was suppressed by anyone since the incident did not alert the police and the body was casually buried”

The worker paused and felt a bit cold on his back, he looked back at the direction where the body was found and only saw dirt, he coughed and added,

“This may not be necessarily true, since I just overheard it”

“Thank you” Jiang Hengshu said.





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