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Chapter 26

Fu Zhen didn’t know what Tang Wanwan wanted to do, anyway whatever it is, it has nothing to do with him, she can act as a baby as she always act like one in front of Fu Jianchen.

Tang Wanwan looked at Fu Zhen who was ignoring him, feeling annoyed, as she felt she’s hitting a cotton—there is no sense of accomplishment at all.

She thought for a while and then said to Fu Zhen,

“I will get married next month at Eston Manor* you can come over if you have time”

(TL: raw used 庄园 which could mean; manor, feudal land, villa or a park, hence I used manor to generalized |-^)v)

Eston Manor….

Fu Zhen was in daze, he remembered that it was the year of his seventh birthday his father promised to build an amusement park for him. In the spring of second year he bought Eston Manor and wanted to make a castle for his little prince.

More than ten years later the castle was given to Tang Wanwan by them.

Fu Zhen thought he would not care but his body could not lie, he discovered a while ago that there seem to be problems with his heart, in addition he’s been drawing picture all day today and did not eat lunch. Currently his heart right now was beating to badly that he could not breath properly, accompanied by chest tightness, he was dizzy and both of his feet were weak if he weren’t holding on the wall he would surely fall.

He bit his lips and forced himself to wake up, he didn’t want to fall down in front of these two people.

He still had his back facing Fu Jianchen and Tang Wanwan so they couldn’t see Fu Zhen’s pale face at this time but was wandering what he was doing just standing there.

At this time, Jiang Hengshu came back from his work and saw Fu Zhen standing on the stairs, hands on the wall. His eyesight were pretty good, at a glance he could see that Fu Zhen legs were trembling because of pain and the blue veins on the back of his hand bulged, he should be enduring great pain.

And under the stairs stood a man and a woman. The man looked less than forty years old while the woman was only on her early twenties, their looks were outstanding.

Jiang Hengshu also has good memory, it was easy for him to recognize this people.

They were looking at Fu Zhen but none of them wanted to help him.

This mater has nothing to do with him, Jiang Hengshu walked over and walked past Fu Jianchen indifferently, he didn’t even spare them extra look. For him whether it was the business legend Fu Jianchen or a newcomer in the entertainment industry, they are just ordinary people, one among tens of thousands in this world and there is nothing special about it.

Jiang Hengshu continued to walk up the stairs and not intending to stop for anyone.

Fu Zhen heard the footsteps coming from behind, he felt that the sound was a bit familiar but he had no strength to turn around.

The setting sun fell down the mountain leaving only the last touch of orange in the western sky, his body and shadow gradually disappears.

“I really should have check the horoscope before I go out”

Fu Zhen tried to adjust his breathing but his chest still seemed to be pressed against a big rock, he was like a fish on the sea dying of thirst.

The footsteps gradually is approaching, the moment Jiang Hengshu passed by Fu Zhen, he (Fu Zhen) seemed to hear the answer from the sea god. A tall and handsome sea god raised his scepter in his hand and a cold and humid mist enveloped his dry body, Fu Zhen finally couldn’t hold it anymore his legs softened and fell into the ground.

Jiang Hengshu didn’t have time to think, he quickly stretched out his arm to take Fu Zhen’s body and it was not until he took the thin man into his arms that Jiang Hengshu realized what he had done.

He was stunned looking at Fu Zhen in his arms, his closed eyes, his face was pale and cold sweat was oozing from his forehead, his fingers were also trembling violently, even if he fainted he still couldn’t calm down.

Perhaps it was Jiang Hengshu’s familiar scent that made him feel a little relaxed, before long his breathing gradually calmed down. His eyelashes tremble like butterfly wings, he should soon wake up.

Jiang Hengshu didn’t know what to do for a moment, he just decided to carry him up and just wait for him to wake up.

On the other hand, Fu Jianchen under the stairs felt like he was watching a ridiculous drama, in his eyes it was Fu Zhen who who embrace first the arm of the other man.

Fu Jianchen looked at the back of Jiang Hengshu holding Fu Zhen up, after a long silence he suddenly asked,

“What is your relationship with him?”

When Fu Zhen woke up and heard this question from Fu Jianchen, the question was so funny that Fu Zhen overlooked that he was being held in Jiang Hengshu’s arms for the first time.

“Does it have anything to do with Mr. Fu?”

Fu Zhen tilted his head in Jiang Hengshu’s arms. Fu Jianchen could only see the side profile Fu Zhen’s face. He (Fu Jianchen) heard him (Fu Zhen) laugh lightly,

“Don’t forget we broke off our relationship two years ago.”

Fu Zhen had never dared to face this matter before, always hoping to return to the past, but now when he told Fu Jianchen this, he strangely felt relief.

Fu Jianchen was speechless, two years ago because Tang of Wanwan he expelled Fu Zhen from the family and broke off the father-son relationship with Fu Zhen. This is a fact that everyone knows and he really has no position to ask Fu Zhen about his relationship with that man.

Fu Zhen lowered his eyes, he gently pulled Jiang Hengshu’s sleeve and said to him,

“Let’s go”

The person in his arms seemed to have no plans on going down on his own, Jiang Hengshu moved his lips and finally said nothing.

He hugged Fu Zhen and walked upstairs, the two figures disappeared completely from Fu Jianchen’s sight.

Tang Wanwan looked at Fu Jianchen, who was still in dazed by her side, pulled his arms and said to him,

“Dad, let’s go”

Returning to his senses he nodded, “Let’s go”




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