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Chapter 25

After a long period time, Fu Zhen slowly turned around, like a puppet with a string and he could even hear the rattling of his bones.

He saw another man walking out of the black Bentley.

The man was wearing a decent dark suit, his hair is neatly combed, his expression is solemn and there is no joy of reunion on the old man face. Only when he sees Tang Wanwan will the corners of his mouth will smile more.

This is Fu Jianchen.


This is his father.

Fu Zhen’s eyes were red in an instant, he stepped back subconsciously. The injury on his left leg and ankle cause his body to almost fall to the ground, fortunately he hurriedly reached out to and supported himself on the wall.

During this period of time, his luck was not very good, he almost fell for the third time, he should find a temple to worship during the New Year to cast off evil and bad luck.

Fu Zhen calmed his breath against the wall, his current appearance looked a bit embarrassing however he felt more unbearable, these people had already seen him thinking of this he didn’t care much.

Fu Jianchen smiled at Tang Wanwan and then raised his head to look at Fu Zhen. While the latter hung his head against the wall, his hair has not been trimmed for a while and his current appearance is hardly similar to the child he saw in his dreams.

Tang Wanwan’s gaze stayed on Fu Zhen for a long time, he was wearing a dark blue used jacket that was bought on the street, a black woolen hat on his head, and two woven bags, seeing this her heart felt a lot more relaxed. The incredible young master of the Fu family back then is now just like many other people in this world living a mediocre life.

But he may be a bit miserable than those people.

Fu Zhen greeted him.

“Good afternoon”

“Mr. Fu Ting came to me yesterday to buy the film and television rights of Shazou Chronicle. We agreed that we will not disturb each other in the future, even if we meet on the road, we will treat each other as strangers”

Fu Zhen’s voice paused, he lowered his eyes and continued,

“Mr. Fu Ting may not have time to tell you both”

“I don’t want the film and television right of Shazou Chronicle”, Tang Wanwan said to Fu Zhen with a little apologetic tone.

Fu Zhen said oh and didn’t show any special sadness, but looked up at Tang Wanwan,

“Do you mean that the things that Mr. Fu Ting had agreed with me last night did not count?”

Raising her eyebrows, Tang Wanwan replied,

“You have to ask brother on that”

Fu Zhen didn’t want to waste more time talking to Tang Wanwan and didn’t want to see Fu Jianchen under such circumstances.

No, he didn’t want to see them under any circumstances.

He turned around again and walked upstairs.

Tang Wanwan laughed behind him,

“Why is brother leaving, when we’re here to visit, won’t you invite us to sit down and talk? I haven’t seen brother for a long time”

Tang Wanwan was always like this, it obviously has malicious meaning but when she says it it sounded sincere and other people would thought that she was kind. But only the people she targeted could understand the hidden knife on her words.

No one knows when Tang Wanwan was actually born, the date on her ID card was filled by her adoptive mother. It was more than 20 days later than Fu Zhen, so she was later took back to the Fu’s house.

At that time Fu Jianchen didn’t suspect too much and directly welcome her to become the young lady of the Fu family.

Fu Zhen had already reached the third floor, hearing what Tang Wanwan said he finally couldn’t help turning his head. He pursed his lips and sneered looking at Tang Wanwan condescendingly and with obvious sarcasm he said,

“I don’t have a sister like you.”

“Fu Zhen!”

Fu Jianchen immediately interrupted Fu Zhen’s words.

Fu Zhen turned his head to look at Fu Jianchen, he hadn’t looked at him for a longtime. In his dreams, Fu Jianchem looked at him disgustingly. He was afraid of that look so he lay on the ground and dared not raised his head.

Now two years have passed, and he is standing in front of him with Tang Wanwan seeming to be telling him that no matter how long it passed, what has happened will not change.

He lifted his eyes and asked Fu Jianchen,

“What advice can Mr. Fu give?”

Fu Jianchen frowned, he and Fu Zhen hadn’t seen each other for more than two years, but he didn’t expect he would call him Mr. Fu.

Did the little boy who called him father in his dream existed? Fu Jianchen raised his hand and pressed his forehead, only to find that what he could remember is– he is pitiful.

The two people looked at each other speechlessly and stood quiet for a long time.

The setting sun dyed the sky a gorgeous rose color and Fu Zhen’s shadow was stretched long reflected on the side of the wall.

“I’ll go back if it’s okay”, Fu Zhen turned around.

“Fu Zhen” Tang Wanwan finally stopped calling Fu Zhen brother in disgust.

“Do you want to go back to Fu’s house?”

Fu Zhen’s movement froze for a while and he answered coldly,


Tang Wanwan can actually leave now, she came here to day just to see what life Fu Zhen is living, and now that she sees it, she still feels a little dissatisfied. In her imagination Fu Zhen should be begging for his life pulling the *erhu under the overpass.

Tang Wanwan turned her head and glanced at Fu Jianchen beside him and suddenly said,

“Dad, let’s take Brother Fu Zhen home”




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    I’m still wondering if that father-brother duo was brainwashed or what…

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