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Chapter 24

When Fu Zhen woke up the next morning, it was already eight o’clock, he hadn’t slept until dawn like today in a long time.

His legs did not hurt as much as last night, after getting up from the bed, he went to the kitchen and gave himself a handful of dried noodles then returned to his bedroom to continue drawing pictures.

Most of the other tenants in the rental house have gone out to work, it is much quieter now than at night. He stared at the computer with both eyes working on the draft drawn yesterday.


Tang Wanwan learned from Fu Ting’s assistant that Fu Ting wanted to buy the copyright of Shazou Chronicles from Fu Zhen and went directly to Fu Jianchen’s company took the elevator to the top floor and came to Fu Jianchen’s office.

Without knocking, she directly pushed the door as usual and came in, she sat down on the sofa and said to Fu Jianchen,

“Dad I heard that the copyright of Shazou Chronicle is in Fu Zhen’ hands. You want to buy the copyright from him?”

When Fu Jianchen saw Tang Wanwan just rushing in, he didn’t express any anger on his face, he turned the documents in his hand to another page, his expression did not show any joy or anger.

Tang Wanwan was a little upset her face collapsed immediately and she said to Fu Jianchen,

“Forget it. I don’t want to shoot, don’t buy it”

Fu Jianchen raised his head and glanced at Tang Wanwan sitting on the sofa,

“If you like, just buy it”

“I don’t want it!”

Tang Wanwan refused, buying the copyright of Shazou Chronicle now is equivalent to giving Fu Zhen money. She did not expect that Fu Zhen would still survive in Pinghai City.

But it’s okay to let him live, he needs to experience the suffering in this world, but if Fu Jianchen and other send him a sum of money, she will never accept it.

Tang Wanwan suddenly stood up from the sofa and walked toward her father’s desk with her high heels, she bent down resting her chin on both hands and said to Fu Jianchen,

“Dad, let’s go see Fu Zhen okay?”

Fu Jianchen raised his brows and frowned slightly as he was not satisfied with Tang Wanwan’s proposal, he asked back,

“And look at what he does?”

Tang Wanwan said coquettishly,

“After all he is also still your son, let’s take a look. If Fu Zhen is not doing well…”

Tang Wanwan paused and continued: “We can help him”

Fu Jianchen pursed his lips, he really wanted to see how Fu Zhen was doing now, but he didn’t want to go with Tang Wanwan but seeing Tang Wanwan’s eyes he was the same as before, there is no way to refuse her proposal.

“Wait until I finish processing these documents”

“Okay” Tang Wanwan went back to the sofa, turned on her phone and swipe on Weibo.

It was almost noon after Fu Jianchen had processed all the documents in his hands. He took Tang Wanwan to the western restaurant for lunch, on the way there was a women’s clothing store next to the western restaurant. Fu Jianchen took Tang Wanwan with him and bought some new clothes.


Fu Zhen finished the picture of the heroine in Shazou Chronicle in one breath, he stood up from the computer, stretched his waist, raised his hand and beat his back a few times.

Turning his head and glance at the small alarm clock beside the bed, it was almost evening. Fu Zhen didn’t feel hungry when he drew the picture before but now his stomach is groaning.

The dried noodles in his cabinet were almost eaten, Fu Zhen took two hundred yuan from his wallet and went downstairs to go to the pharmacy and buy two painkillers while at it he will also go to the market to buy some vegetables.

There was a black Bentley parked at the entrance of the corridor. It is generally difficult to see such luxury car in this broken place. Fu Zhen couldn’t help but glance twice.

It doesn’t matter if he look at it, the door of the Bentley was opened and a young woman in a beige coat walked out from the car, she wore sunglasses and mask on her face and was wrapped herself tightly.

The woman turned her head and face Fu Zhen then raised her hand to take off her sunglasses.

Her skin is fair, her facial features are exquisite her long brown hair is scattered behind and the amber like clear eyes reflect Fu Zhen’s figure, she raised her lips and smile. According to her fans this smile looks like the warm sun in the winter shines directly into people’s hearts.

Fu Zhen didn’t feel the warmth of the sun, he just froze in place thinking in his mind why Tang Wanwan came here and find him?

He really didn’t want to have too much contact with Tang Wanwan, since she has taken back to the Fu’s house three years ago, no matter what he did, he would only met Tang Wanwan and get unlucky.

Later, when he was fighting against Tang Wanwan in the middle of the game, Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting were completely angered and the fight ended him being expelled from the Fu family.

Fu Zhen came back to his senses and turned around to leave. Tang Wanwan suddenly chuckled and stopped Fu Zhen,

“Dad is here too, don’t you want to see him?”

Fu Zhen’s body stiffened, he stopped where he was, unable to move for half a step. The wind and gravel swept across, and the sky was gloomy as if it was about to snow.




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