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Chapter 23

Thousands of tall buildings are lit up dyeing the sky with neon colors, the city is more prosperous that the day.

When Fu Ting returned home, Fu Jianchen was sitting at the dining table waiting for him to eat. Seeing him come back he asked him,

“How was it?”

Fu Ting nodded and answered,

“I already got it”

Fu Jianchen showed a satisfied smile as if he could already imagined with what he could do for his favorite daughter, he then asked,

“Your face is not very good, what happened?”

Fu Ting shook his head, he opened his mouth and called Dad to Fu Jianchen, after that he couldn’t say anything else. He raised his hand and pressed his forhead.

“I’m a little tired, so I won’t eat dinner and go up to rest first”

Fu Jianchen put away the smile at the corner iff his mouth, his eyes were deep, he asked,

“When you saw him today, was it on the construction site?”

Fu Ting gave a hum.

“How is he now?” Fu Jianchen asked again.

Fu Ting didn’t know why his father asked this questions. Perhaps he felt that Fu Zhen was punished too harshly and wanted to compensate him, or he felt that he was too kind to him back then and wanted to give some warning.

Fu Ting understands his father, he has never regretted anything in is his life. Now that he asked about Fu Zhen’s situation, it is probably the second reason.

He don’t know why but Fu Ting doesn’t really want to talk to Fu Jianchen about this, he change the subject and said,

“Wanwan’s wedding date is set at the end of January”

As expected Fu Jianchen immediately forgot about Fu Zhen, he frowned,

“Why did you choose such time?”

At the end of January, is also the upcoming of Chinese New Year. At this time getting married is less trouble for oneself, she is an actress and at the end of the year, there are various awards, ceremonies and satellite TV evenings waiting for her to participate. How can her body stand her busy schedule?

Fu Ting didn’t care about it, his eyes showed pampering, he said to Fu Jianchen,

“She likes it, just do what she wants and we can help her a little bit more”

Fu Jianchen gave a hum and thought that Fu Ting made sense. He was about to marry his most precious daughter but at this time he didn’t have the slightest reluctance but felt that he was about to be relieved.

Fu Jianchen’s eyes gradually emptied.

Fu Ting went upstairs but didn’t immediately return to his room, he went to the room next to his.

This is Fu Zhen’s room, since he was kicked out of the Fu’s house two years ago no one has opened this room. Fu Ting was silent for a long time facing the door and finally raise his hands to hold the door handle and his wrist slightly push the door open.

The furnishing of the room were the same as the day Fu Zhen left, but because no one came to clean it for a long time, a thick layer of dust accumulated on the tabletop and a copy of Wilde’s nightingale and rose was placed.

Fu Ting’s eyes circled around the room, the day Fu Zhen left, he really didn’t take anything with him.

He lowered his eyes, turned and left the room.


Fu Zhen returned his room, sitting on the bed and taking off his pants while gritting his teeth, there was a blue-purple bruise on his ankle and the skin on his left knee was red. His teeth were trembling because of the pain, thinking of these he thought to himself, there must be no way to go to work tomorrow.

He called the foreman and asked for two days off, during this time he could stay in the rental house and draw pictures without going to the construction site.

Fu Zhen opened the bedside cabinet and took out a small medicine bottle from it. The moment he open the cabinet, he remembered that he has eaten up all painkiller last month and he had to go to the pharmacy to buy more bottles.

But now it’s too late, and the pharmacies around the area are already closed. He can only bear with it for one night and he’ll just go out tomorrow to buy medicine.

While he was drawing some drafts, his left leg hurt so much that he couldn’t bear it, so he climbed into his bed and planned to sleep early.

But after turning off the light and lying on his bed, Fu Zhen couldn’t sleep, his eyes were pitch black, thinking of Jiang Hengshu, the one he like and who live next room.

What was he doing now? Is he already sleeping?

Thinking of Jiang Hengshu, Fu Zhen suddenly remembered what he had said to him in the corridor, and the fantasy in his mind disappeared without a trace.

Jiang Hengshu already has someone he likes.




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  1. Baby Fu Zhen!!! 😭 He can’t even sleep for the pain. 😭

    I Wonder If once the Bad woman gets married and she is away from the Fu family, will the brother and father remember Fu Zhen?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Why is Fu Zhen going to buy more painkillers? I thought he built up an immunity to them, that’s what was said in previous chapters.


    1. This is what we call palacebo effect


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