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Chapter 22

After the two people left, Jiang Hengshu walked out of the dark, raised his hand to take off his earphones and walked into the dark corridor.

He coincidentally heard Fu Zhen and Fu Ting discussing the copyright issue of Shazou Chronicle. He didn’t like to step forward and interrupt nor would he like to eavesdrop on other people’s private affairs, and since he brought his earphones with him he just stood farther away and waited for a while.

The sensory control lights in the corridor were a little broken, Jiang Hengshu had to turn on the flashlight of the mobile phone. When he reached the second floor, Jiang Hengshu looked up and saw a figure sitting on the corner of the stairs, his shoulder trembling.

He’s crying.

Jiang Hengshu retracted his gaze, looked at the gray stone under his shoes, with a cold expression on his face, he stepped on it and continued to walk upstairs.

The distance between him and the figure narrowed, he recognized that the figure was Fu Zhen. He said nothing, and went up to the third floor silently.

He has now ruled out his suspicion with Fu Zhen and does not need to have more contact with him, he lowered his eyes and his ears could hear the sound of TV from one of the rental room, mixed with a trace of sobbing sound.

Halfway through the stair on the third floor, Jiang Hengshu suddenly stopped, a family on the third floor went out to pick up their child. As soon as he step down the stairs he was immediately shocked and about to asked which stupid idiot is squatting down scaring on people.

Jiang Hengshu turned around and walked to Fu Zhen’s side, took out a pack of tissues from his jacket pocket, bent down handed it to Fu Zhen,

“Need some?”

Fu Zhen raised his head when he heard the sound, he had been crying for too long in addition to the dim lights he couldn’t see what was in front of him, with tears hanging on his eyelashes he only looked at the dark figure indistinctly. But he knew it was Jiang Hengshu he reached his hand to take the tissue that Jiang Hengshu handed over and said thank you in low voice.

“You hurt your leg?” Jiang Hengshu asked.

His voice seemed particularly low in the dark.

Fu Zhen hummed, his eyes were covered with thin layer if mist reflecting Jiang Hengshu’s figure inside. He took out a tissue and wiped the tears on his face, he supported his body to the wall with both hands, trying to stand up from the ground but his left leg fell so badly the he didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

A low sigh was heard somewhere near Fu Zhen’s ear, his vision a little dazed. After a while he retracted his two hands supporting the wall and said to Jiang Hengshu,

“I’ll sit here for a while”

Squatting down in front of Fu Zhen he replied,

“I will carry you up”

A little flustered Fu Zhen was not expecting Jiang Hengshu to do this,

“No… no need”

“Come up”

Jiang Hengshu had already turned his back and a tone of his (Jiang Hengshu) voice reveals that he cannot refuse.

Fu Zhen hesitated for a moment and no longer pretended, putting both hands on Jiang Hengshi’s shoulders,

“Thank you”

Jiang Hengshu did not speak, he hold Fu Zhen’s upper part of his legs, slowly stood up from the ground and walked upstairs. His palms were warm and his feet were steady and strong.

Fu Zhen’s chest was nestled on his shoulder, if he (Jiang Hengshu) wanted to he could definitely hear the beating drum sound of Fu Zhen’s chest.

Fu Zhen has lost weight in the past two years, he is almost 1.8 meters tall and weigh less than 130 lbs, and there are almost only a handful of flesh left in whole body than most people.

In the corridor, under the dim yellow light the shadows of two people overlapped and shone diagonally on one side of the wall, slowly moving upward as Jiang Hengshu walked.

On the third and fourth floors, the corridors was quiet. Fu Zhen watched Jiang Hengshu’s hair moves, his hair was a thick with natural curls, and thought it was a little cute. Sniffing his nose he suddenly asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Well.. do you have a girlfriend?”

Suddenly Jiang Hengshu’s mind flashed that night, his little mermaid wrapping his (Jiang Hengshu) neck with his two slender arms and the whole body softly arched upwards and instantly Jiang Hengshu explored deeper into his (Fu Zhen) body.

There were teardrops sliding down the corner of his little mermaid’s eye but they could not turn to pearls. Those tears soaked the pillow and dyed it into a dark color, Jiang Hengshu’s mood became heavy in an instant.

“No, but I have someone I like.”

Cold tears dripped down from Fu Zhen’s chin and fell into Jiang Hengshu’s neck, his heart trembled, didn’t know why the person on his back was crying let alone why he came all the way up to the third floor and carried the young man up to the sixth floor.

Fu Zhen uttered in a low voice, he couldn’t let him hear the sadness in his voice and asked again,

“Does he like you?”

Jiang Hengshu paused, he had never seen his little mermaid since that night.

“I don’t know” He replied.

The two stopped talking, only Jiang Hengshu’s footsteps echoes in the corridor. Fu Zhen lowered his head and counted the steps that Jiang Hengshu had walked through, hoping that the road could be longer.

He counted from one to forty-seven, Jiang Hengshu stepped stops, lightly patting Jiang Hengshu on the shoulder and said to him

“Let me down”

“Can you walked by yourself?”

Fu Zhen nodded, “Yes”

Jiang Hengshu then carefully put Fu Zhen down from his back.

“Thank you”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmm without saying anything else, he held Fu Zhen arm and pushed open the door in front of him and send Fu Zhen to his room.




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