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Chapter 21

But it seems that was just a wishful thinking, when he get off from work in the evening he met Fu Ting again, as he said in the afternoon he came to find him.

Fu Zhen leaned his back against the wall to not put too much pressure on his left leg. Fu Ting who was standing opposite from him, never spoke first like a piece of wood.

Meanwhile Fu Zhen was in a hurry to hurry so that he could go home early and draw the commissioned pictures, so he could only asked him,

“What do you need with me Mr. Fu?”

“I want to buy the film and television rights of Shazou Chronicle”

It turned out that it was for this, Fu Zhen remembered that he send his assistant to buy this from himself a few days ago, but he refused, so it seems that he really wanted to buy it and the person itself came here.

But why did he want to buy the copyright of Shazou Chronicle all of a sudden? The Fu  is not an entertainment company, after a little thought Fu Zhen understands. Although the Fu family does not run any entertainment company there is their princess in that industry, it should be that once the copyright was bought it will be given to Tang Wanwan.

Without any hesitation Fu Zhen rejected Fi Ting.

“I don’t sell it.”

Fu Ting looked at Fu Zhen in front of him, his face was so gloomy that it was about to rip, he took a step forward, startled Fu Zhen took a step backward but his left leg was not stable and the pain was acting again so he could only stay where he was, he took a deep breath and didn’t show any pain.

Lowering his head, Fu Ting looked at Fu Zhen’s left leg, after a while he said,

“…your leg?”

Fu Zhen’s expression was a little vacant after a moment he raised his head and looked Fu Ting with a hint of sarcasm in his eyes. He spoke softly and asked Fu Ting.

“Mr. Fu wants to threaten me and break my other leg?”

After Fu Zhen said these words he lowered his head again and his long eyelashes cast a small shadow. No one know what he was thinking at this time.

Fu Ting was stunned. He didn’t mean that juts now, he just… just wanted to ask how his legs are now.

He didn’t bother explaining to Fu Zhen and with a apathetic tone just like talking about official business he replied.

“The Shazou Chronicle studio was built by father and I for you, the dubbing and soundtrack of Shazou Cronicle was also the person I helped you find. Without our support it would be impossible to broadcast, you say how much percentage of your studio should father and I have?”

Fu Zhen raised his head abruptly and looked straight at Fu Ting who was opposite to him, his eyes seemed to be an abyss sucking Fu Ting soul in.

Fu Ting’s heart seemed to have been hit by a heavy hammer, he opened his lips but before he could speak he heard Fu Zhen saying,

“Okay, I’ll sell it to you.”

His tone was relaxed and he couldn’t even hear any regret at all. Fu Ting simply wondered if Fu Zhen’s refusal just now made him (Fu Zhen) want to set the price higher.

“The copyright of Shazou Chronicle can be given to you” Fu Zhen repeated.

“But I have two conditions”

Fu Ting didn’t like Fu Zhen appearance very much, he said indifferently,

“Don’t ask for a yard when given an inch”*

(TL: * don’t ask for big when given a small opportunity)

“First, I hope you and Fu….Mr. Fu Jianchen won’t bother me anymore”, pausing slightly Fu Zhen then added to Fu Ting,

“Even if we meet on the road, let’s treat each other as strangers.”

This condition is not excessive and it fits Fu Ting’s mind, if it weren’t for Wanwan wanting to film the Shazou Chronicle he didn’t want to see Fu Zhen.

Fu Ting nodded without any hesitation.


Fu Zhen also nodded and continued,

“Second, I will not update the Shazou Chronicle in the future, you can make the following story as you like, don’t ask me again.”

Fu Zhen’s tone was gradually lowered and there was a hint of relief in it.

“Okay” Fu Ting nodded again.

The Shazou Chronicle was not completely completed by Fu Zhen alone, he could find other people working in the studio before to complete the rest of the Shazou Chronicle.

Fu Zhen raised his hand and made a high-five gesture to Fu Ting.

Winter nights always come earlier, the sky will darken unknowingly and twilight is merging under the dimly yellow street lamp.

Fu Ting could see callus and blisters on Fu Zhen’s palm that he has never seen before.

He was in daze vaguely remembering that in the past, every time he made a promise with Fu Zhen he give a high-five. This was what he learned from cartoons, at that time he was still young, and haven’t entered school yet, all day long he is either watching cartoons on the sofa holding a teddy bear or playing with a ball in the small garden behind the villa.

When Fu Ting recovered, Fu Zhen had already withdrawn his hand, he laughed with a hint of irony in his laughter,

“Forget it, who would do high five now? When will Mr. Fu draw up the contract, please let me to sign it directly.”


Fu Zhen turned around and left, the sound of every step that hits the grounds echoes, and his figure gradually disappeared into the darkness.

Fu Ting stood there for a long time, darkness and cold wafting around him like a ghost, for a while what Fu Zhen said to him was in his mind and thought of Tang Wanwan calling him brother coquettishly, he then turned around got into his car and left the place.

While climbing up the stairs, pictures of him getting along with Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting flashes his mind. Fu Jianchen would call his pet name, opened his arms and would hugged him up from the lawn, his brother would then watched from the side holding the workbook that was wet by him. Fu Ting would then pretend to be very angry, walked over and raised his hand as if spanking him, he would then cried out in fear and hugged his father’s neck tightly, very determined not to let go.

He thought he wouldn’t cry anymore but tears keeps on rushing out of his eyes involuntarily and with the dim lights in the corridor, his surrounding envelops with gloom.

He staggered a step, fell directly on the stairs and couldn’t get up again.




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