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Chapter 19

[You have given too much, I’ll return it back to you]

[No need jie, I really like the picture]

Fu Zhen did not reply to custard bun and just directly transferred the extra money she transferred to him through alipay.

But soon custard bun transferred again more than 400 yuan back, she probably also knew that Fu Zhen would not accept her money so she sent another message.

[Then jie let me ask another draft]


Soon after receiving the picture custard bun posted it on her weibo and @ Jian Wen, bringing a hot topic of Shazou Chronicle and custard cp.

It’s been a long time since the fandom of Shazou Chronicles has seen a fan picture that fit the original. Although most of them are not cute, but seeing this one they can’t help and give a high evaluation on the fan picture.

My! What kind of fairy jie is this, it only costs 150 but the quality was 1500!

So cheap!

[I’m crying, why is this not my cp!]

[I also want to ask jie for a draft] [cry.jpg]

Fans of Jian Wen rose from double digits to four digits overnight, and a private message came to him asking for a draft, and so his elderly phone froze, once again.


That night Fu Zhen received a call from Fu Ting’s assistant, who wanted to buy the film and television rights of the Shazou Chronicle in his hands.

If Fu Zhen was expelled from the Fu family two years ago and needed money he would definitely sell the copyright without thinking about anything, but now he is not short of money or say it is useless to have money, his leg missed the best time for treatment which will probably be the same in the future.

Fu Zhen tactfully rejected the other party.

He then opened the private message and received 500 yuan worth of color picture and a 200 vertical worth picture, plus the color picture custard bun requested. He will be busy for the next half month.

The assistant called Fu Ting about the refusal , Fu Ting said that he knew and hung up the phone.


Tang Wanwan went out to date Qin Zhao again tonight, the Fu family returned to the usual silence. Fu Ting and Fu Jianchen sat on the sofa in the living room and time just past by every minute.

Fu Ting put down the documents in his hands and turned upstairs to rest.

Fu Jianchen suddenly stopped Fu Ting,

“…Where do you think Fu Zhen is now?”

Fu Ting turned his head and looked at his father, there was no special expression on Fu Jianchen’s face as if he was asking about something very common.

“The construction site behind the New World Mall in Xiling District”

Fu Jianchen let out a sigh and nodded after a long time.

Fu Ting turned around and walked upstairs, along the stairs Fu Jianchen asked him again,

“What is he doing there?”

Fu Ting was silent and replied after a while,

“It should be moving breaks”

Fu Jianchen didn’t speak any more, in his hands was an entertainment newspaper with a photo of Tang Wanwan’s latest news, he raised his lips but there was no smile in his eyes.

In the afternoon of the next day, Fu Jianchen came out of the company an hour earlier than usual.

“Don’t go home yet” Fu Jianchen who was sitting on the car suddenly spoke to the driver.

“Where are we going sir?”

“Go…” Fu Jianchen paused for a while and said,

“Go to Xiling district and take a look”

The driver drove Fu Jianchen through a small city, upon arriving to the construction site behind the New World Mall, he sat in the car looking through the window glass over the tall iron fence and wanted to find that figure that has appeared in his dream for a while.

But he did not find him.

The time waiting inside the car was very long, he don’t know how long has passed, Fu Jianchen said softly,

“Let’s go”

The driver only felt confused, why did sir suddenly visited a construction site, but these are not a drivers concern should be.

There seemed to be a sound of sighed in the car, before the driver could figure out whether the sigh was accidentally made by him, he heard Fu Jianchen ask him from behind,

“Old Wu how many years have you been with me?”

“Twelve years I presume”

Twelve years enough for a child to grow into a teenager.

Twelve years ago how old Fu Zhen should be, Fu Jianchen wanted to figure in his memories but found that he couldn’t still find it.

He can only see him in his dream.

The driver looked up and see Fu Jianchen’s pale face in the rearview mirror, he worriedly asked,

“What’s wrong sir?”

“I’m okay” Fu Jianchen said lightly.

The silence in the car returned and Fu Jianchen raised his hand and press his forehead.

At that time, why did he drive Fu Zhen out of the Fu family? It seems like…

Because he hurt Wanwan.

He deserves to be punished.




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