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Chapter 18

Fu Ting still remember where he met Fu Zhen last time, to be honest no matter what the reason he didn’t want to see Fu Zhen again but now it was Tang Wanwan begging herself. Fu Ting pondered it most of the night, and decided to leave this matter to his assistant to handle.

When the assistant learned that Fu Ting was looking for Fu Zhen he was surprise for a while, if Fu Ting hadn’t mentioned it suddenly he would have forgotten that there is such a young master in the Fu family and he didn’t know why his boss was looking for him, is it possible that he regret what happened in the past.

The assistant found a private detective and handed it over to them. Within two days the detective replied, looking at the photos sent by the detective the assistant sighed silently. He didn’t really expect back then, that high spirited young master is now reduced to work on a construction site.

The assistant gave the photos and address to Fu Ting, when Fu Ting received the pictures he was in a meeting.

The managers of the various departments of the company watched their boss look down at his phone and then all the blood on his face faded in an instant.

However it seems that Fu Ting himself didn’t notice how pale he looks, and just put down his phone raised his head and asked in a deep voice to Manager Wang who was speaking,

“Why don’t you continue?”

Manager Wang’s voice was stuck and was in daze before remembering what he was going to say next.

With a pen in his hand, Fu Ting listened intently to Manager Wang’s report as if the gaffe earlier just now was just an illusion of everyone.

After the meeting, Fu Ting picked up the phone and check the photos sent by the assistant again. In the photo, Fu Zhen was wearing a loose work clothes, pushing a small cart full of sand, and the cold wind turned swaying his clothes, it was blown up like an inflated balloon and his favorite long hair was messy, obviously it was taken care of.

Fu Ting felt that his heart seemed to be caught tightly by something, it didn’t hurt but it was uncomfortable, he put back his phone on the table.

Fu Ting then handed over the purchase of film and television right of Shazou Chronicle from Fu Zhen to his assistant.

He didn’t want to see Fu Zhen.

If he can see his heart, deep inside he doesn’t want to see Fu Zhen.

He was afraid to see Fu Zhen.


Fu Zhen is finally done with the picture, it was a little faster than expected and it only took four nights, but the other person custard bun made an appointment with was one day earlier than him.

Custard bun is not particularly satisfied with the picture of Qiangwei drawn, Qiangwei’s picture is very good probably worth one thousand or two, but it doesn’t give the vibe nor the feeling she wants. She couldn’t see the love and passion of a fellow Shazou Chronicle and custard cp in the picture.

 Custard bun was a bit lost, this was a common problem that most of the artist had when she asked for a draft. She originally thought that Qiangwei who became popular due to Shazou Chronicle should be different, but it seems that she is still disappointed.

The next night Jian Wen sent her a picture. She just came out after taking a shower and her hair was still wet, picking up her mobile phone she wanted to see if anyone had sent her a message. Then she saw a small picture that Jian Wen sent her.

At that moment custard bun was so excited that tears almost burst out.

The small picture from Fu Zhen shows a bright moon hanging high in the sky, and the reeds on the banks of Wangjiang River spreads with fireflies while the evening breeze ripples the surface of the river.

A small boat floats on the river.

With a slight blush on Zhu Naiyou’s face, his left hand was placed on the outside of the boat and his right hand was holding the wine jar, his clothes were half untied revealing most of his chest. Huang Lei sat on his lower abdomen, looking down on Zhu Naiyou with a slight doubt in his eyes. Green silks were hanging down and scattered on Zhu Naiyou’s chest.

Custard bun looked at the picture in the screen, there was only one poem pops on her mind. After bein drunk he didn’t know that the sky was in the water and the boat was full of clear dreams.

The interaction between two people was fantasied by custard bun. The details and background are filled by Jian Wen himself.

The picture is still far from the yellow storm* required by the custard buns. This picture only shows teasing not eroticism, but when Jian Wen finished the draft custard bun did not ask for any modification. Which means that custard buns agreed to reduce the severity of the yellow storm.

(TL: yellow-porn)

Custard bun likes the picture of Jian Wen too much, the picture fits the original work perfectly whether on style or settings. She was afraid that there will be some people who will say that the picture is a screenshot from the original after releasing it.

Ah Ah Ah custard cp is real!

Soon after, a similar scene was repeated. Fu Zhen’s screen was once again occupied by an exclamation point followed by paragraphs of rainbow farts. The old mobile phone couldn’t bear such warm reception and simple froze.

After custard bun’s mood stabilized a bit, Fu Zhen sent her a message.

[Is this ok?]

[It’s okay, it’s too good!!]

With excitement custard bun transferred 500 yuan balance to Fu Zhen with trembling hands.




TL: more is coming!!

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