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Chapter 17

Tang Wanwan who had been filming outside finally returned to Pinghai City today, she hurried back to Fu’s house after getting off the plane.

Knowing that Tang Wanwan was going home today, Fu Ting came back from the company earlier. When he got home Tang Wanwan had already been waiting for him at home for a while.

Seeing Fu Ting came back Tang Wanwan stepped forward and took Fu Ting’s arm.

“Brother, I miss you so much”

A smile flashed on Futing’s eyes, and he gently patted the back of Tang Wanwan’s hand.

“I didn’t think you will be back earlier”

“The crew is too busy this time so got a chance to go home”

“Don’t be too tired”

Tang Wanwan responded with coquettishly and then begged Fu Ting,

“Brother, I want to film the Shazou Chronicle, one who got the recent internet hot search, but the director of Shazou Chronicle can’t be contacted, can you help me?”

Stunned, Fu Ting expression was a little daze for a moment, after a while he then asked again,

“Shazou Chronicle?”

“Yes, that one”

Tang Wanwan nodded heavily, she has never seen this anime, she always think that anime are for children only but since it can hailed as the light of anime in China, it should have a lot of merits.

Moreover many producers now intended to buy the copyright of this anime in order to support the newcomers in their own hands. Naturally Tang Wanwan would not want this opportunity to fall into the hands of others.

Tang Wanwan seen the introduction of Shazou Chronicle, if it is adapted properly this should be a very good main heroine drama. She wants to use this drama to consolidate her position and also wants to use the opportunity to win several award that she didn’t won this year.

Fu Ting’s expression looked a little strange, he asked Tang Wanwan,

“Do you really have to make this one?”

“Can’t you take another film?”

Tang Wanwan stared with her two big eyes, Fu Ting’s refusal was stuck in his throat.

“….I may not be able to find the director of Shazou Chronicle”

Listening to Fu Ting’s words Tang Wanwan pouted unhappily.

After a while Fu Jianchen walked downstairs, he was already over forty years old this year and not only did he not leave too many traces on his body but added countless charms to him, looking at his favorite daughter, Fu Jianchen asked with a smile,

“What’s the matter? Who made our little princess upset?”

As soon as Tang Wanwan saw Fu Jianchen come down he immediately let go of Fu Ting’s arm, trot in the direction of Fu Jianchen and begged him,

“Dad I want to shoot the Shazou Chronicle, can you help me buy the copyright?”

Fu Jianchen also felt that the name seemed familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he heard it, he casually said,

“Just let your brother do this”

Tang Wanwan’s mouth began to pout unhappily again and said,

“Brother said he couldn’t find the director of Shazou Chronicle”

“Just find someone to check it”

“Dad is the best”

Tang Wanwan stood tiptoe and kissed Fu Jianchen’s left cheek and then told him embarrassedly,

“Dad, that Qin Zhao asked me to go out on a date, so I won’t eat at home tonight.”

“Go, come back early”

“I know”

Tang Wanwan stepped on high heels and ran to her room upstairs, preparing for the date.

After Tang Wanwan left, Fu Jianchen sat down and said to Fu Ting,

“If Wanwan wants to shoot, you go and help her”

“This Shazou Chronicle….”

Fu Ting sighed deeply and said to Fu Jianchen,

“Four years ago, we set up a small studio for Fu Zhen, he did an anime called Shazou Chronicle”

Fu Jianchen stunned for a moment, he didn’t know why but these days he always recalled many things years ago inexplicably and most of these old memories were related to Fu Zhen.

He dreamed of Fu Zhen sitting in the pool holding the yellow duckling and seeing that he came back from the company, he dropped the duckling and run out of water with both arms but he couldn’t stand firmly so he threw his head up and fell into the pool.

And dreamed that when he was in kindergarten he was unwilling to leave home, holding his pants and unwilling to let go, crying and hiccupping, both he and Fu Ting were laughing happily at the adorable scene.

He also dreamed that he sleep with Fu Zhen when he was very young, he then would ride on Jianchen’s stomach every morning when he woke up. While raising his pajamas he would hear giggling and patted his belly until Fu Jianchen was overwhelmed to open his eye, pick up the little brat and turned over.

These dreams are often accompanied by Fu Zhen falling into a pool of blood looking at him with resentful look.

Fu Jianchen’s complexion was not very good, it seemed that someone had put a nail in his head and he would bleed out if he was not careful.

There was a dead silence in the room after a while he whispered to Fu Ting,

“Since Wanwan wants to shoot you can find someone to buy the copyright in his hands.”


Author has something to say: although he is still in a pool of blood there is no such thing as miscarriage! There will never be!



TL: i’m thinking of adding two or three novels to translate since i have so much free time ^^)

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