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Chapter 15

As one of the earliest fans of custard cp, the custard buns must naturally take on the important mission of preventing custard cp from becoming the last one. The first step to complete this mission is to need a reliable publicity image.

That night custard buns was just randomly searching on weibo for a fan art, after searching through every nook and cranny she saw the picture of Jian Wen.

Jian Wen profile was a picture of cow cat, the picture itself is not detailed but it makes people feel a strange feeling in it, she thinks that it particularly look innocent and vivid.

Custard buns then clicked to Jian Wen’ weibo.

Most Jian Wen’s photo albums contain some draft pictures, she don’t know why but she felt that this person is particularly suitable for drawing Shazou Chronicle, she’s not sure if Jian Wen adjusted some kind of filter but on those rough sketches she could see the vaguely the shadow of Zhu Naiyou, seeing this custard buns can’t contain her excitement and immediately made an appointment to Jian Wen who only release a few rough hand drawn sketches as examples.

When her fellow fans of custard cp heard that she found a not-well known artist to draw a picture to use as a promotional image they felt that she had a brain damage. Now that she is determined to make an appointment for a picture why not look for a better one, the picture she showed them was a small picture and it’s neither popular nor guarantees quality, this custard fan must be either crazy or her family is super rich that she dares to buy a colored picture for 150, and just for a promotional image.

Fellow fan have asked for a custard bun video or any other work of Jian Wen to make sure that she wasn’t deceived but checking Jian Wen’s weibo again, it was newly made wiebo with few rough sketches.

Now that she has been told off by her online friends she has no confidence in Jian Wen and was a bit regretful after paying the deposit.

She also had made an appointment for a picture before, she felt that 150 is enough, that’s why this time she also asked for two colored pictures for 150. Did she hit her head last night?

The more she thought about it the more she felt it was impossible. From 8 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon this Jian Wen never appeared to be online, thinking about this her heart felt more confuse and told her friends on the internet about this matter, her friends could only comfort her, anyway it wasn’t that big, and this 150 yuan was a lesson.

It really was silly for her to trust a newly registered weibo without discussing with her fellow custard buns.

Custards buns fan are not without money, how can they be deceived in spending 150 yuan to find a good picture?

Under the lecture of her online friends, she was deeply aware of her mistake and promised to never be easily deceived and too excited to ask for a draft. She immediately found another artist who is known in the circle and asked for another picture which will be released within three days.


After returning to the rental house at night Fu Zhen ate a small bowl of dried noodles and then started sketching. He visited Wazhan to specifically to find custard cp videos for refereance, and he had to say that the level of fans picking sugar made him amazed.

After the two videos Fu Zhen wondered whether Zhu Naiyou and Huang Lie really had a spark in the original work.

Afte Fu Zhen found his inspiration he began to draw picture. From five o’clock to nine o’clock in the evening, it took four hours. If it were two years ago he could almost complete a highly vertical picture but today he just finished the draft without color.

Fu Zhen opened weibo and was going to look for the custard buns to see what else that needs to be revised as a result the phone screen struck again. He thought he had logged in the wrong account, after a while it returned to normal, the message reminded him that there were more 20 private messages and half of them were sent by custard buns and the last one was sent at six o’clock.

[When will jie be able to finish the picture?]

Fu Zhen glance at the sketch he had completed. The next step, coloring, might take more time than before, he estimated for himself and responded to custard buns.

[Within five days]

It took five days to draw a color insert. This speed is not slow in many artist but it may be that he just she had another artist produce another picture within three days, in comparison to Jian Wen. Her expectation of Jian Wen picture dropped another star.

Custarb bun thought for a while, the promotional picture must use for the upcoming contest, and fans are eager to see the result, this Jian Wen is supposed to produce it by himself so custard bun emphasized this importance to him again.

[Jie the more wild the better]



Fu Zhen wanted to see what’s on the girls mind. Fu Zhen looked at the sketch he had drawn because yesterday he also noticed that the girl wanted a brighter picture, so now the sketch should not be difficult to modify according to the little girl’s request. If it doesn’t work he’ll just strip all clothes off.

[The sketch has been drawn, you can see if there any need to change]

Fu Zhen sent the picture to custard buns.

But this time custard bun which seemed to be online 24 hours a day did not reply to him for a long time. Fu Zhen was inevitably a little nervous. Is it because there are many things that needed to be change?

Since custard buns did not reply Fu Zhen could not continue, so he could only wait with his mobile phone. After five minutes custard buns replied.

[ !   !   ! ]

[! ! !]

[ !   !   !   !   ! ]

[! ! ! ! !]

[ !  !  !  !  !  ! ]

[! ! ! ! ! !]




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