Chapter 11

Fu Zhen raised his head and looked in the direction of the sound. The anger on the foreman’s face was serious and didn’t mean to be joking at all.

He walked quickly towards Fu Zhen and asked,

“What did you do just now?”

“I hurt my hand and cleaned it” Fu Zhen lowered his head and explained.

The foreman’s eyes fell on Fu Zhen’s hands,

“Can you still work?”

Fu Zhen nodded immediately, “Yes”

“How about your leg?” the foreman asked again.

Understanding what the foreman meant Fu Zhen shook his head and said nothing. Once he admitted that the injury on his leg is serious he might not be able to work on the construction site for the next few days.

“Then go to work”

“But the wage will still be deducted, deduct a quarter of it”, added the foreman

Fu Zhen’s wage is only 100 yuan a day, deducting a quarter was not too much, but since he needed money for the next few months this deduction is too big for him, and here he was thinking to improving his food next week but it seems that he couldn’t again this time.

Walking back to the side and Fu Zhen picked up his cart to continue working, the foreman stared at his legs for a long time making sure that it was not delaying his work, then turned around and check on the other workers.

Fu Zhen staggered past Jiang Hengshu while pushing his broken cart.

Noticing Fu Zhen’s wrinkled face due to pain and hard breathing sound Jiang Hengshu frowned and felt a little pain, he accelerated his steps moving away from Fu Zhen and soon the gasping sound in his ear disappeared but Jiang Hengshu’s heart still felt troubled.


Jiang Hengshu rarely speak a few words, even this morning his expression is always indifferent and didn’t care much about anything. Fu Zhen was wondering how he came to work with him on the construction site, he clearly remembered that when he was in the bar that night the manager and Mr. Zhen had a very close attitude towards Jiang Hengshu, even a little respectful. He thought that Jiang Hengshu was a big man*.

(TL: wealthy/popular man)

But everyone has their own secrets.

When eating at noon Fu Zhen found a distance not too far but not too close from Jiang Hengshu, holding his lunch box, he silently stared at Jiang Hengshu.

Jiang Hengshu’s hands holding the chopsticks paused and suddenly raised his head, looking at Fu Zhen’s direction. Not expecting to be caught red-handed by him, Fu Zhen bowed his head embarrassingly and took up the lunch box on his hands hiding most of his face behind.

Seeing Fu Zhen evading hastily like a frightened little beast, Jiang Hengshu calmly retracted his gaze.

Soon after, the phone on his pocket rang, it was Wang Tong who called and asked where Jiang Hengshu lives now. He just recently returned from abroad, and has not found a new place to lived, he has been sleeping in the hotel this days. Jiang Hengshu is planning to find a place that is closer to the construction site and matches his current status.

When Jiang Hengshu hung up, a worker on the side heard what he had said, patted him on the shoulder and asked,

“Are you looking for a house?”

Jiang Hengshu nodded.

The worker gave Jiang Hengshu a number saying that he could call the person and check for a rental house.

Meanwhile Fu Zhen lowered his head and ate the greasy eggplant as his lunch, with a small shadow on his long lashes.

Receiving the number from his co-worker, Jiang Hengshu eyes were unconsciously attracted to Fu Zhen not far away. There was a layer of fine hair on his face, like a peach that had just matured, on his pale pink lips stained with a thin layer of oil. Withdrawing his gaze Jiang Hengshu thanked the worker in front of him.

Finished eating, Fu Zhen rested for a while and closed his eyes while leaning his body from the wall behind him.

He opened his eyes and stood up, threw his lunch box into the trash can, then went outside to buy two band-aids and simple bandaged the scrape.

After Fu Zhen left, Jiang Hengshu found that he (Fu Zhen) had left a business card where he had just sat. Looking at the slightly yellowed business card, for a moment he didn’t know what to do and was silent for a long time, finally he picked up the business card before someone sits on it. He quickly read the text, it was for renting house and the conditions were quite in line with his requirements, he then put the business card in his pocket.

When Fu Zhen came back, he found that the business card he had put on the brick was missing, he secretly glanced at Jiang Hengshu but couldn’t see anything unusual on his face.


Getting off from work at night, Jiang Hengshu found the foreman alone,

“Today, the money deducted on Fu Zhen will be subtracted in my salary”

The foreman squinted his eyes, looking at the tall man in front of him and asked,

“What is your relationship with that cripple?”

“It doesn’t matter”

The foreman patted Jiang Hengshu on the shoulder and persuaded him,

“Young lad, too much sympathy is not good.”

Jiang Hengshu pursed his lips and did not speak, the foreman nodded and made a few strokes on the ledger anyway the wages were not paid from him. It’s not his business that Jiang Hengshu gives all his salary to Fu Zhen.

He was about to turned around and leave, but he suddenly thought something, he paused and added to the foreman,

“Don’t tell him about it”






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  1. Hmm? Fu Zhen left him a business card so Jiang Henshu rent a house near him or what?!

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    1. No his not.. ☺️ Can’t say more 😅 but his not poor


  3. Ter o ML por perto e não ter o ML por perto é a mesma coisa


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