Chapter 14

After a short period of excitement, the fans minds gradually became clear, is the sand sculpture official been hacked or why would they click the like and no explanation?

However it is unlikely that the account was stolen, after all the weibo he liked was not a marketing account but was seriously related to Shazou Chronicle. Does this mean that the Shazou Chronilce will be restored or updated—even if it there is no updates it proved that the bastard boss who ran away with sister-in-law did not die outside and now he is back.

As long as people are not dead, there is hope for everything.

For a while fans were so excited that they rushed to report; weibo, forums, post bars, etc. were full of news from Shazou Chronicle’s official weibo, and various nostalgic posts emerged in an endless stream. For those people who have not been exposed to this work, it is really hard to imagine that there is an animation in China that can have a big wave.

The excitement of the fans directly sent Shazou Chronicle to hot search from 41 to 29, to top ten and finally stopped at the second top.

Today’s top hot search is Qin Zhao’w late night visit to Tang Wanwan.

Some filmmakers who were new to the industry and didn’t know what happened two years ago is interested in Shazou Chronicle and couldn’t help wondering since it second on the hot search if they would buy the copyright of Shazou Chronicle and make a movie or a TV series can they make a lot of money?

In the past few years the IP market has been extremely hot and some famous online novels have been harvested by these capitalist, but they still feel that they are not enough. After all there are only few books that have been popular, they hope to find out from this popular IPs.

Given the specific laws, the Shazou Chronicle is another good attempt or an experimental opportunity.


Fu Zhen didn’t know that the fans on the internet were already full of enthusiasm because of his hand slip thumbs up. He got up early as usual dressed and washed and went to the construction site.

Sparrows flew occasionally over the foggy sky, chattering about interesting things that happened this winter. On the construction site Jiang Hengshu still came very early, wearing his blue overalls and carrying a pack of lime on the construction site, walking fast, like a clockwork machine without feeling tired.

Fu Zhen didn’t know if Jiang Hengshu saw his business card that he deliberately dropped on the brick at noon yesterday but even if he saw it he would not necessarily choose his place, thinking that those people back home are just mediocre.

Sucking his nose and putting on his gloves Fu Zhen started to work in the small cart by the wall. The sun passed through the winding clouds and came to the world, the golden sunlight was all over this prosperous city and the dense bricks were crystal clear, shinning the light spots.

The horns of cars that came from the street adjacent to the construction site and the workers busy moving bricks while complaining that the ghostly weather was getting colder and colder.

Fu Zhen’s injured left leg is most experience with the changes in the weather, even after wearing two layers of cotton trousers the cold still penetrate the skin and flesh through those small gaps, piercing his bones and agitate a bursting pain.

Maybe this year he will finish work earlier than before.

Thinking of these Fu Zhen raised his head and glanced at Jiang Hengshu not far away and felt a little reluctant and besides he really didn’t have a lot of money now, so he had to work for a while at least until December.

While resting at noon Jiang Hengshu received another phone call and talked with the person on the phone for a while. His gaze accidentally looked in the direction if Fu Zhen and then said,

“There is one, I will look into it”

Then hung up the phone.


Custard bun is a freshman who has just entered first year and is also a loyal fan of Shazou Chronicle. In the past two years she has watched the heat of Shazou Chronicle drop, fewer and fewer were watching the show and the custard cp hangs its life by rewatching the episodes.

However official resurrection of Shazou Chronicle last night, the miraculous thumbs up surge the popularity again though there were few cute custard cps, still it is frightening that the popularity is much higher now.

In another two days there will be a voting contest for each cp of Shazou Chronicle at Huazhan. The first prize will surely be awarded to a dozen well-known painters and writers from Shazou Chronicle, custard buns understand the extent of their cp and wanting the first prize is a pipe dream* but if they don’t steamed the buns at least they don’t want to take the last one.

(TL: * impossible)





TL: 4/4 yay done with 4 chapters for IWAWP (>,<). sched for IWAP is tue and thur, see you

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