Chapter 10

Fu Zhen turned off the light in his room, lay on the bed and covered himself with a quilt. In his sleep he and Jiang Hengshu met again in the bar, as soon as the two people’s eyes collided, Jiang Hengshu strode towards him, picked him up, open the door 306 threw him on the bed and immediately after their body was covered, the two people entangled with each other till the earth is gone.


Fu Zhen didn’t wake up until dawn. The tenant in the next room was moving out today, the landlord came to check if there are any damages on the room or the furniture, seeing a few scratches the two people started arguing.

A female tenant who came back late last night came out wearing a pink pajamas, frowning and complaining that their quarrel was too loud disturbing her rest.

Fu Zhen seems to be floating on the brim of this noisy and chaotic world not minding any of them. He washed, put on his coat, opened the door and left the rental house. The cold air outside caught the Fu Zhen off guard, he shrank his neck and pulled the scarf on his neck higher.

Jiang Hengshu came to the construction site early, his tall figure and well-proportioned body gave a special quality to the sloppy work clothes of others.

Fu Zhen was worried all morning and was little absent-minded but his worked never stopped. Transporting sand after sand onto a huge pile while other workers shove the sand up to screen to filter the fine sand and mixed it with other materials and make the concrete, used for buildings.

Fu Zhen didn’t notice a stone under his feet when he was pushing the cart, he directly fell on the ground, stumbling the cart in front of him making a loud noise. The workers hears the noise and raised their head, seeing Fu Zhen embarrassingly on the ground someone let out a loud laugh followed by several workers, then lowered their heads after the show is finished and went back to continue working.

Everyone was busy with their own work, no one ask the little lame if his hurt or not, nor ask if he was okay?

Fu Zhen was also used to this kind of life, he struggled to get up from the ground, fixed his cart, staggered to find his shovel and shoveled all the sand sprinkled on the ground back to his cart, the cold wind whizzed past his ears with a few sounds from sparrow.

Meanwhile Jiang Hengshu was walking on the construction site with sandbag on his shoulder, his thoughts drifted into that fateful night at the bar. He was entangled with his little mermaid, two skins tightly sticking to each other, his skin was cold and slippery. Remembering this Jiang Hengshu let out a soft sigh.

What happened to him? Did I hurt him? Maybe I was too hard or was he unsatisfied?


Just don’t be sad, okay?

A trace of melancholy flashed in Jiang Hengshu’s blue eyes like glass beads, but on the blink of an eye, his little mermaid was gone.

He didn’t melt into a bubble, he just went back to the sea.

 When Jiang Hengshu recovered, he put down the sandbag on the ground. As soon as he looked up he saw Fu Zhen who was shoveling sand with difficulty not so far away, he was mechanically shoving the sand on the ground back to his cart.

Fu Zhen got on the handlebar of the cart with both hands, the iron sheet wrapped on the handlebar of the wooden cart is rolled up because it has been used for too long. Fu Zhen turned his hand and looked down at the stabling pain on his palm only did he find that the skin, and his wrist is bleeding, mixed with sand, forming a dry purple red color.

Slightly sighing Fu Zhen pushed the cart full of sand to its destination and went into the guard room.

The guard room is considered the cleanest place on the construction site, it is more than 20 square meters. On weekdays only Old Wang who is the watchman lives there. Fu Zhen borrowed a basin from Old Wang and some water in it.

The small stream of water gently washed the sand on Fu Zhen’s palm that had sunk into his flesh, and in a blink of eye the clean water turned to muddy water.

Unfortunately, it seems that today was his unlucky day, the foreman came to the construction site for inspection but didn’t see Fu Zhen, searching for him, the foreman saw Fu Zhen coming out from the guard room, his brows immediately frown and shouted at Fu Zhen,

“Why are you being lazy? I’ll deduct your half day’s wage!”





PS, I have few surprises this week!! Look forward to it ^~^

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  1. My heart…. =,(

    Thabk you sooooo much for translating this novel!

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    1. Yeah. Poor Baby Fu Zhen, 😭😭

      your always welcome..


  2. He was in there for Five minutes and the foreman had to come by Just then? Fu Zhen’s luck is really rotten. I really hope Jiang Hengshu Will speak out for him.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Esse ML é um bosta? sério, qual a dificuldade de ajudar alguém que “gosta”? Ele pode simplesmente PERGUNTAR se o menino está bem depois daquela queda ou demonstrar alguma empatia

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  4. JF!!!!!! What’s wrong with your eyes?!?! Your poor baby is there!! Open your eyes. Hah! Sorry! Hehehe! Thanks for the chapter

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