Chapter 9

Fu Zhen used to think the same, although he failed to get a university diploma it is still not difficult to get a job even with his disability not knowing why, he still send resumes to different companies and finally received an invitation for an interview. After the appointment the company manager told Fu Zhen that Mr. Fu had warned them that if their company accepted Fu Zhen they would immediately go bankrupt.

It was at that time that Fu Zhen understand that after being kicked out from the Fu family his life fell completely to the bottom and they would not give him any chance to succeed.

Only this kind of job in the construction site where he can come to work without an ID card, Fu Jianchen and the others will not know where he is nor will they send someone to kicked him out, maybe this is their last way of showing kindness.

Fu Zhen only work half a day in the afternoon, he took of his overalls and left the construction site early.

When Fu Zhen left, the other workers were resting, Jiang Hengshu was drinking his bottled water when he saw Fu Zhen leaving. Hearing a loud whistle from the opposite street, mixed with mockery and silly jokes from the other workers, Jiang Hengshu for no reason felt a trace of irritation. He patted the dust on his clothes, carried the sandbag and started working again.

When the foreman came over and saw Jiang Hengshu working hard comparing the other workers who were resting, he nodded his head, the *30 yuan additional wage was not in vain.

(TL: * ok I know I used RMB on last chapter but yuan and RMB base on my understanding are the same..Ask google sensei)

It was less than four in the afternoon when he arrived home, after taking a shower he returned to his room and turned on his mobile phone, glancing at the amount on his balance he hesitated for a while before adding the computer in the shopping cart.

He hasn’t draw much for the past two years, only when his legs are so painful that he can have some time to draw one or two illustrations.

During the time when he was expelled from the Fu family, Fu Zhen was naïve thinking that he could also break into the world with this own abilities, but reality forced him to lower his head and had to let go of his dreams, using his crippled body to work around.

Once he received his computer and the second-hand tablet, he probably needs time to sort out the plot and characters of “Shazou Chronicles”. It has been a long time and he only remember a little about the original outline.

Setting on the bed with a pen and a paper Fu Zhen opened the video he downloaded earlier, before going home he went to his favorite diner and borrowed its wifi.

Shazou Chronicles has a lot more refining to do since it was last updated four years ago and if he started to update again he needs to check everything making sure that fans won’t get confused.

Thinking of this Fu Zhen’s wrist move quickly and the pencil made a rustling sound on the white paper.

He watched and wrote for more than three hours, when he was almost done it was already more than eight o’clock in the evening. The air in the room was a little bit stuffy, jumping off his bed Fu Zhen charge his phone walked to the window, and open it, a cold wind rushed in along the gap, felling the cold Fu Zhen closed the window, through the glass window he saw faint starlight in the night sky and the endless traffic on the street.

Fu Zhen massage his forehead and took out the things he had noted and checked it again.

The story of “Shazou Chronicle” takes place in the last years of Yuan Dynasty, it tells the grievances and hatreds between several big clans in Shazou. The heroine is the only bloodline of the Zhu family who was exterminated, she change her identity and returned. After changing her status, returning to Shazou, relying on her beauty and wisdom to deal with several families and vowed to investigate the truth of that year and avenge the 132 members of the Zhu family.

Although all the plot of “Shazou Chronicle” took place in the ancient city of Shazou but the whole story is closely logical, full of characters and several plot lines are parallel on a small city, composing a magnificent epic.

When “Shazou Chronicle” was the hottest, it was once called by critics as the light of animation in China and foreign video websites wanted to buy the broadcasting rights of “Shazou Chronicle” in his hands. But before Fu Zhen could reply he was expelled from the Fu family.

After that, those who wanted to buy the copyright and broadcasting rights were all silent.

At that time, Fu Zhen learned a lot with other staff in the studio, but he was not good at animation production. He couldn’t do dubbing and music, he also couldn’t buy a good computer for more than two thousand dollars, it is also very difficult to pick up “Shazou Chronicle” and update it again.

Fortunately, the storyline of “Shouzou Chronicle” was almost completed by Fu Zhen alone. Most of the original illustration are also designed by himself, it is still possible to make a simple 2D animation but this is destined to disappoint the fans who are waiting for the update of the animation.

Fu Zhen turned off his mobile phone and lay on the bed. New Year’s Day will be another ten days later, this year will pass again. Counting the bits and pieces that happened in the past year, Fu Zhen’s mind finally left with Jiang Hengshu’s figure.

At the bar that night because of an accident, two roads cross each other, the lives of two people supposed to be parallel, intersected.

Under the dim light, sweat slipped from Jiang Hengshu’s cheek dripping on Fu Zhen’s chest, dumbfounded Fu Zhen only felt that at that moment Jiang Hengshu was so sexy as if possessed he raised his arms, wrapping Jiang Hengshu’s neck.

Apart from tingling pain, there was also an inexplicable sense of fulfillment which made Fu Zhen almost cry.

After being expelled from the Fu family, he was too eager for someone to love him, so the moment he became one with Jiang Hengshu, he had an illusion that he had a family.

But that was just his illusion.


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    1. Yay😅 thank you for pointing it out. I’ll go ahead and check it ☺️


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