TL rumbling: really I just wanna cry right now!!! my laptop just crushed and all the reserved chapters are all.. all gone wahhhhh!!!! I was suppose to release chapter 1 for I’ll be the male lead sister in law today.. but…nigthmare happens ..so I just frantically retranslated IWAWP. HMP! HMP! and here I was planning to pick another BL novel but I think that needs to wait, since I’m just borrowing my little bros laptop….Either ways here is chapter 8.


Chapter 8

Fu Zhen had no sign of being homosexual before but probably because Jiang Hengshu’s charisma was too great that he bends thoroughly this time.

He wanted to know of Jiang Hengshu’s current situation but he didn’t know how or what to say, when facing Jiang Hengshu he suddenly became extremely inferior, as he couldn’t find anything good about himself especially with his crippled body.

At this time Jiang Hengshu’s mobile phone rang.

Putting down his lunch box, took two sheets of tissues from his pocket to wipe his hands, stood up and walked away to answer the call. Looking a little lazy he lean against the wall, his sky blue overalls were half open revealing the black sweater inside. The sunlight seemed to have thrown a handful of gold dust on his hair looking like a prince walking out of a comic.

After answering the call, he suddenly frowned and said, “I’m not going home”

But after hearing a gentle female voice on the other end of the phone, Jiang Hengshu’s brows gradually smoothen and a rare smile appeared on corners of his lips.

Fu Zhen was far that there was no way to hear what the other party is saying but looking at Jiang Hengshu, he guessed that the person on other end should be very important person to him.

Retracting his gaze Fu Zhen opened his lunch box, today’s lunch is still the greasy and fatty potatoes and eggplant. He picked up his chopsticks and started eating without changing the expression on his face.

He is a little monster living on his lair. Even if Jiang Hengshu is homosexual he may not be able to accept his deformed self. People like him should die and rot alone and just maybe a small *flower might bloom on his grave and would talked about their life in the spring wind.

(TL: *idiom means this may bring joy, love and hope)

Thinking of these Fu Zhen felt extremely frustrated and his right hand holding the chopsticks froze midair unable to eat anything.

A shiny soy-sauce oozes out the gap of his lunch box, flowing on Fu Zhen’s hand, frowning he put his chopsticks aside.

Meanwhile Jiang Hengshu finishes his call, turning around he saw Fu Zhen was looking for something to wipe his hands, seeing this he took out his tissue from his pocket, bent down and handed it to Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen raised his head, the winter sun was warm and gentle reflecting his clear blue eyes like water, and his thick eyelashes were upturned casting a small shadow, staring at daze Fu Zhen saw his own figure reflecting.

A light breeze brushed his face, hearing the sound of his heart beating Fu Zhen was a little lost, stretched out his hands, took the tissue that Jiang Hengshu handed over and in a soft voice, said

“Thank You”

Jiang Hengshu didn’t answer, turned around and sat beside him.

Suddenly Fu Zhen has no confidence in pursuing his love, Jiang Hengshu was a very good person who could have a better life and all of this was something he couldn’t provide.

Fu Zhen returned the remaining pack of the tissue to Jiang Hengshu, he packed his lunch, stood up and walked towards the trash can.

Jiang Hengshu raised his head and notice Fu Zhen’s walking posture and a strange glint flashed his eyes.

The winter sun was not as warm as the summer. Fu Zhen was struggling to pull the trolley up causing to have a lot of the sand falling, since his left leg could not exert force he could only rely on his right leg to balance. When going uphill, his two eyebrows are tightly furrowed and his lips are pressed together, and since his skin was sickly pale because of lack in exercise his whole face was red with a beads of sweat slid down his cheeks, glittering in the sun.

Fu Zhen is good-looking with delicate features and fair skin, even after two years of working under the heat of sun and wearing shabby overalls he still look like a young master who grew up pampered.

The foreman was also surprise at Fu Zhen’s age he does not have to support his family, it shouldn’t be too difficult also to find a lighter work.



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