Chapter 7

Winter night was longer than that of summer, when Fu Zhen handed out all the flyers in his hands the sky was completely dark. Fu Zhen took the wage from his boss for the past few days and said thank you, he put the three hundred dollars in his bag and then took a bus home

Several tenants in the small living room of the rental house were gathering together to play poker, hearing the sound of the door opening they turned their heads and found Fu Zhen who had returned. They withdrew their eyes in disappointment and continue playing.

Fu Zhen’s relationship with several other tenants is very ordinary, in the past few months when Fu Zhen was busy at work he could only spent less than five hours a day in the rental house and most of the time he slept in his room. So it’s ordinary not to meet these tenants once a month.

In the eyes of other tenants, Fu Zhen is really a weird person. He has no relatives or friends, he was always alone, had many jobs a day but he still squeezes in the small house with them. Wondering what he makes and where all that money go?

Fu Zhen went to the bathroom to wash his hands and returned to his room. He took his mobile phone out of his pocket and hesitated for a long time looking at the broken screen before clicking on the station icon.

Hua Zhan is a well-known video streaming site in China. Four years ago when Fu Zhen was eighteen years old, he enthusiastically registered an account at Hua Zhan, with the help of his father and brother, he set up a private studio to produce his first anime work titled “Shazhou Chronicle”.

At that time no one thought that the “Shazhou Chronicle” would be suddenly interrupted and it would last for more than two years.

Since Fu Zhen was kicked out of the Fu’s house, he has never logged in to his account again. Now looking at the pink page in front of him and the comments of the fans, there seems to be an illusion that’s too far away.

After this month’s salary was paid, he can buy a computer and a second-hand tablet so that he could continue to update the “Shazhou Chronicles”. Although it will not be as fast and the low quality as when working at the studio before, he could still do his hobby and share his story to his fans who loved it.

Fu Zhen put down the phone and lay on the bed with his head up, close his eyes and soon fell into dream.

In his dream, it was the clear blue sky of Pinghai City, a man standing in front of the bus stop sign, smiling at him making the whole winter shine.

The next morning Fu Zhen put on his work clothes as usual and went to the construction site, never expecting to meet the man in his dreams again.

Rubbing his eyes to confirm that he was not mistaken, ‘It was really him’

Fu Zhen didn’t know what expression he would make, should he step up and say hello, he didn’t know whether Jiang Hengshu still remembered that night, or maybe he already has a girlfriend or even family.

Thinking these, Fu Zhen started to regret what happened that night. He was really dizzy at that time, if only he was more decisive the accident might not happen.

Listening to the foreman explaining his new job, Jiang Hengshu nodded his head saying he understood. The foreman like young people like Jiang Hengshu, shoulders, back and the thighs seemed to be powerful completely different from Fu Zhen, the little cripple.

Had it not been for the cripples low wage and hard working he would have fired him long ago, alas, he is soft-heartened. The foreman patted Jiang Hengshu on the shoulder showing his high expectation for him.

There was no expression on Jiang Henshu’s face from beginning to end, after the foreman ended his monologue, Jiang Hengshu put on his helmet, carried a bag of sand and left. The foreman looked at Jiang Hengshu’s back and nodded with satisfaction, and then his gaze landed at Fu Zhen,

“Fu Zhen, what are you looking at? Get to work!” shouted the foreman.

Quickly retracting his gaze, Fu Zhen limped up while pushing the wheelbarrow.

The foreman snorted, and picked up a package of documents on the side and hurriedly went to other construction sites.

Fu Zhen was busy pushing the small wheelbarrow on the construction site with mind full of thoughts. Seeing the distance between him and Jiang Hengshu his mood flutters, but Jiang Hengshu passed him several times and did not even notice Fu Zhen or maybe he didn’t remember him anymore.

Fu Zhen was little disappointed but immediately regained his energy, compared before he didn’t even know who and where this person lives.

All morning, Fu Zhen did not find any chance to talk  first with Jiang Hengshu.

At noon, the foreman came with a bag of lunch, Jiang Hengshu took a box casually turned around and walked to the bottom of the old wall and sat down. The other workers had their own small groups and sat together, chatting. Fu Zhen hesitated but still walked towards Jiang Hengshu.

He really like this man, just like when he was a child when he saw something interesting or beautiful he would do everything to ask Fu Jianchen to take it home.

But when he grow up he began to understand that the world doesn’t revolve on him alone, there will always be something that you can’t get and now his father will never help him anymore.

If Jiang Hengshu had a lover or if he was straight, then Fu Zhen could only leave him.


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