Chapter 6

Maybe everything just need to returned to its original place, Fu Zhen thought.

If he hadn’t been taken back to Fu’s house by Fu Ting, he would probably be living the same way now. As for the broken leg, he can regard it as payment for enjoying the rich life for 20 years.

The winter sun is gentle and warm, countless dust are floating in the sun. Jiang Hengshu is wearing a blue overalls and a yellow helmet on his head. He carries sandbag and shuttles through the dusty construction site, his movements are clean and neat. The foreman looked at him in a distance and keep nodding.

Seeing this scene Wang Tong raised his hands and rubbed his eyes, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

With an extremely exaggerated tone Wan Tong exclaimed,

“My god”

He walked behind Jiang Hengshu and slapped him on the shoulder and asked, “Boss, you really came here to move bricks!”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmm and asked indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

Just as Wang Tong was about to open his mouth to taunt Jiang Hengshu, the foreman stepped in and called him affectionately, “*Xia Jiang”

(TL: *xia or er is an intimate way to call someone)

Jiang Hengshu put down the sandbag in his hands, patted the dust on his palm and asked the foreman, “President Bao, what’s the matter?”

Glancing at Wang Tong president Bao asked, “Your friend?”

Jiang Henshu nodded.

Mr. Bao gave a hum, eyes stayed in Wang Tong’ watch for a while before withdrawing his gaze casually and said to Jiang Hengshu with a smile,

“New World mall is short on people, you will work there tomorrow and I will add 30 RMB every day to your salary”

Jiang Hengshu responded, “Ok president”

Nodding his head President Bao raised his hand and patted Jiang Hengshu on the shoulder encouraging him, “Do it well”, and turned around to find another worker.

After president Bao left, Jiang Hengshu picked up the sandbags on the ground and walked towards the concrete pile to the west.

Following Jiang Hengshu, Wang Tong chattered non-stop and ask him inexplicably,

“Boss, what were you thinking? Making money by moving some bricks?”

Frowning slightly Jiang Hengshu resisted talking and only think that there were flies buzzing his ears.

But Wang Tong’s chatters continue, unable to endure the noise Jiang Hengshu calmly said,

“I want to devote my remaining life to a noble cause”—with no hint of bluffing.

“By moving bricks?”  Wang Tong asked.

Jiang Hengshu nodded.

Taking a deep breath Wang Tong continued, “Come on boss, did you bump your head somewhere? Tell me is this what a top mercenary would do? Moving bricks?”

Tilting his head Jiang Jengshu turned and looked Wang Tong. “Then what should I do?”

“Save the world!” Wang Tong answered naturally.

Jiang Hengshu: “…”

Wang Tong poked him in the arm and asked him in a low voice, “Are you not looking for your little mermaid?”

Jiang Hengshu put the sandbag down against the wall, took off the gloves on his hands and patted the dust off his hands , “No more”

(TL: hmm is he a clean freak…?)

The little mermaid may have a life on his own and may not want to involve with him, that night was just an accident.

It’s just a one night stand, a very common thing in modern society.

He did not want to disturb that person’s life, although during this period of time he often encounter a figure entangled with him in his dreams, and every time he wakes up his crotch area is always wet.

Wang Tong sighed, thinking that he could see the *cypress tree blooming, he seemed to have continue being alone.

(TL: * idiom for death)

“You go, don’t disturb my work”

Wang Tong, “…”

“Boss you really bump your head, and hard at that!”

Ignoring him Jiang Hengshu walked quickly and took a pack of sandbags and strode towars the concrete pile.

Wang Tong suspected that Jiang Hengshu had taken on some special task. He stayed most of the day observing Jiang Hengshu and found that he has been working diligently and honestly from beginning to end, and had no other meaning.

Wang Tong slapped his face, “It hurts” ‘This is not a dream, boss.. he’s alright…right?”

This is too scary, too scary, he had to find place to wake up.


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